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    Since her first running against Republican state Sen. John Blust in Greensboro 1998, Kay Hagan has been a tough competitor for the Democratic party. Will this be the year she is unseated? There are nine polls that show it's a very close race at the moment. Six of the polls show Hagan ahead marginally by 4-5 points, and one shows Tillis ahead with a five point lead.
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  • A group of people including a GOP candidate and a local sheriff attempted to block a bus full of children they thought were undocumented immigrants being transported to a nearby immigration facility, but were surprised to find the bus full of children from a local YMCA. Adam Kwasan, the Congressional candidate, and local sheriff Paul Babeu were both on hand to rile up the crowd and encouraged them to block the bus. Kwasan didn't know that it was a bus full of YMCA youth until a reporter informed him, causing Kwasan to attempt to save face by saying that the children 'were sad too.'