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    Is college a right or a privilege? If President Obama has his way then it will soon be a right for every single high school graduate in this country regardless of income or social class. The premise is simple: extend the already guaranteed number educational years every student is eligible to receive by two.
  • The term "inequality" has been in the front of the news lately, not only because President Obama has made it a central part of his second term agenda, but also because many economists and political scientists recognize that for our democracy to survive, the current trends of increasing inequality must be abated.
  • Super Bowl Sunday is upon. This year the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will be going head to head to compete for the world championship, and just like every other year, everyone is talking about the ads. Super Bowl ads are unlike any other ads. They tend to be highly stylized and sometimes even story based. They range from extremely clever to quite absurd.

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  • Speaker Boehner pulled his tax plan from consideration after realizing that it would not pass the House. The fact that the Speaker of the House of Representatives can not get his caucus to fall in line shows that he has lost total control of his conference. Now that the House Republicans has publically rebuked their leader, the negotiations are at a stand still. With the clock ticking towards the fiscal cliff, Speaker Boehner now has a significantly weaker hand in negotiations with the President and Senate Democrats.

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