2010 Tax & Jobs Compromise Benefits - List of Positives of Law


DatePositive Result\BenefitBeneficiaryRank
12/17/10$40 billion in tax credits for college students and lower income families with childrenPoor & Students
12/17/10Unemployment benefits extended for 13 months at a cost of $56 billionUnemployed
12/17/10$111 billion in tax relief for workers by a reducing social security payroll tax from 6.2% to 4.2% for 2011.Workers
12/17/10$136 billion in tax relief for 21 million middle class households through patch to the Alternative Minimum Tax for 2010 & 2011Middle Class & Workers
12/17/10$186 billion in tax relief for all tax payers by extending the Bush income tax cuts for 2010 & 2011Workers & Consumers