Obamacare Benefits - List of Positives of Law


DatePositive Result\BenefitBeneficiaryRank
03/23/10Insurance companies must spend 80% of the money raised from consumers premiums on health care and quality improvementConsumers
03/23/10Health insurance companies can not charge higher premiums for out of network emergency room careConsumers
03/23/10Insurance companies must provide consumers a short, easy to understand summary of their benefits and coverageConsumers
03/23/10Mental health and drug addiction coverage is an "essential benefit" that can not be denied
03/23/10Preventative services will be covered at no additional costConsumers
03/23/10Women are no longer charged higher premiums because of their gender
03/23/10Consumers are guaranteed the right to appeal decisions made by their health insurance provider
03/23/10HIV Testing Will Now Be Covered Under Obamacare
03/23/10$143 billion in deficit reduction estimated between 2010-2019 from health care reform law provisions
03/23/10Consumers guaranteed the right to choose the primary care doctor or pediatrician from their health plan’s provider networkConsumers
03/23/10Insurers selling to groups of 50 or more employees must spend 85% of premiums on medical care and quality improvementConsumers
03/23/10Annual dollar limits on health benefits restricted and phased out by 2014Consumers
03/23/10Health care insurance plans prohibited from putting a lifetime limit on the benefits you receiveConsumers
03/23/1050% discount on prescription drug costs for seniors in the Medicare "donut hole" starting in 2011Senior Citizens
03/23/10$250 rebate for those in the Medicare Prescription drug "donut hole" during 2010Senior Citizens
03/23/10Young adults can stay on parent's insurance plan up until age 26Young Adults & Consumers
03/23/10Children under 19 can no longer be denied coverage or benefits for a pre-existing conditionConsumers & Children
03/23/10People denied coverage for a pre-existing condition given access to a temporary high risk health insurance planConsumers
03/23/10People with a pre-existing condition cannot be denied health coverge by an insurance company starting in 2014Consumers