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08/17/14The Five Biggest Lies About ObamacareObamacare
Despite its continued unpopularity, the Affordable Care Act has been a success, and conservative predictions of ‘death spirals’ and huge premium spikes just haven’t come true.
05/23/14Obamacare is 'one big fat VA'Obamacare, Kimberly Guilfoyle & Department of Veterans Affairs
The uproar over allegations of secret waiting lists at a Veterans Administration hospital in Phoenix, and delays that potentially cost veterans their lives has opened the Obama administration to criticism that it was slow to respond to the VA’s own internal reports.
03/24/14Rick Scott's political committee says Obamacare has led to 300,000 health plans canceledObamacare, Rick Scott & Florida
A new TV attack ad against former Gov. Charlie Crist zeroes in on Crist’s support for Obamacare. Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s political committee, Let’s Get to Work, unveiled the ad March 24, 2014. Scott’s campaign said it will spend $2 million on the statewide ad set to start running March 27. The ad repeats snippets of Crist’s March 9 interview on CNN when he called Obamacare "great."
03/17/14Boehner’s claim that Obamacare has resulted in a ‘net loss’ of people with health insuranceMedicaid, Obamacare & Health Insurance Industry
Reporter: “Mr. Speaker, you said a minute ago there are fewer people today with health insurance than when the law was passed. I want to make sure I understand. You’re saying that Obamacare has resulted in a net loss of insurance?” House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio): “I believe that to be the case. When you look at the 6 million Americans who have lost their policies and some — they claim 4.2 million people who have signed up — I don’t know how many have actually paid for it — that would indicate to me a net loss of...
03/11/14Update: Julie Boonstra’s claim her Obamacare plan is ‘unaffordable’ gets downgraded to Thre...Obamacare
Take a close look at the subtle difference in the language of these two ads sponsored by the pro-GOP group Americans for Prosperity. The first ad claimed the out-of-pocket costs were so high that “it’s unaffordable.” When that line was questioned—and Democrats demanded proof be given to television stations running the ad—the issue became much fuzzier. Suddenly, it became “a plan that doesn’t work for me.” That is much more subjective and harder to fact check.
03/07/14Deep mysteries of the Medicaid expansionMedicaid, Obamacare, Rick Scott & Florida
Of the 25 states that haven't expanded Medicaid coverage, many are still debating whether they made the right call. In Florida, Republican House Speaker Will Weatherford remains against expanding the joint federal-state health care program to more low-income residents. His argument: Half those people can buy coverage for less than $30 on the federal insurance marketplace anyway.
02/28/14The missing context in yet another AFP ad featuring yet another Obamacare victimObamacare, Americans for Prosperity & Health Insurance Industry
A Tennessee woman tells an Obamacare tale of woe in a new ad, but important context is missing from her story. The Fact Checker is a little late in fact checking this ad—our colleagues at PolitiFact looked closely at it earlier in February—but given the controversy over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claim that the “vast majority” of the AFP ads are “lies,” we decided it was necessary to delve into the facts behind it. It certainly packs a punch, with Lamb’s personal anger at the president apparent, hinging on th...
02/26/14Is Obamacare a ‘job killer’?Obamacare
Here we go again. Once again, another Republican politician has labeled the Affordable Care Act as a “job killer.” Meanwhile, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently blasted the whole notion of job loss during an appearance in Florida: “There is absolutely no evidence, and every economist will tell you this, that there is any job loss related to the Affordable Care Act. Part-time positions are actually down since 2010, not up. The number of full-time workers continues to increase. I know that’s...
02/08/14Two sides to Obamacare, only one factualObamacare, Barack Obama & 113th Congress Republicans
One of the best features in President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act is the freedom that it offers workers from "job lock," a job they can't leave for fear of losing their affordable health insurance coverage. Yet, Obamacare foes think that's a bad thing. That's the gist of their reactions to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's generally rosy projections Tuesday of how many people will choose to work less because of the effects of the Affordable Care Act.
02/06/14Fact Check: Anti-Obamacare Chorus Is Off KeyObamacare, Barack Obama & Health Insurance Industry
New estimates that President Barack Obama's health care law will encourage millions of Americans to leave the workforce or reduce their work hours have touched off an I-told-you-so chorus from Republicans, who've claimed all along that the law will kill jobs. But some aren't telling it straight.
02/04/14No, CBO did not say Obamacare will kill 2 million jobsJobs, Obamacare & Congressional Budget Office
Here we go again. During the 2012 campaign, The Fact Checker had to repeatedly explain that the Congressional Budget Office never said that the Affordable Care Act “killed” 800,000 jobs by 2021. Now, the CBO has released an updated estimate, nearly the triple the size of the earlier one: 2.3 million in 2021. The inevitable tweets arrived:
01/14/14Rubio’s claim that Medicaid expansion funds will ‘go away’Medicaid, Obamacare, Marco Rubio & Florida
“Under Obamacare, when you turn Medicaid over to the states, what you’re saying to them is the money will be available up front for the expansion for a few years, then the money will go away but you get stuck with the unfunded liability.” – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Jan. 12, 2014
01/10/14Medicaid Estate Recovery ProgramMedicaid & Obamacare
Q: Does the Affordable Care Act allow states to confiscate the estates of seniors on Medicaid when they die? A: No, but a 1993 federal law requires states to recover Medicaid costs for long-term care from the estates of deceased Medicaid beneficiaries over the age of 55.
12/31/13Stunning new report undermines central GOP Obamacare claimMedicaid, Obamacare, 113th Congress Republicans, Health Insurance Industry & Millions Will Lose Health Insurance Under Obamacare
A crucial GOP line of attack against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that millions of people will supposedly lose coverage thanks to shifting requirements on the health insurance exchanges — a flagrant violation of President Obama’s infamous “if you like your plan, you can keep it” proclamation. The truth has always been more complicated, of course. Republicans are constantly blurring the line between people who lose a plan and people who lose coverage. That is, many people might lose a particular insurance plan but immedi...
12/15/13Texas has highest uninsured rate and most uninsured children in countryMedicaid, Obamacare & Texas
As a congressional committee prepared for a North Texas hearing about Obamacare "navigators," U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius rose to their defense. Texas particularly needs them to educate and enroll others in the online health insurance marketplaces created by the law, she said.
12/06/13Boehner vs. Castro on the ExchangeObamacare, John Boehner & Joaquín Castro
House Speaker John Boehner says his premiums will double, and his deductible will triple, under the Affordable Care Act. That’s true, but it is misleading to compare Boehner with the “many Americans seeing their costs go up,” as his spokesman Brendan Buck has put it. Boehner’s experience with the Affordable Care Act is extremely atypical compared to most Americans. His rates — which include the cost of insuring his wife — are doubling because of the couple’s age and high income, and a special provision in the law that forc...
12/04/13ACA Doesn’t ‘Set Prices’ on ExchangesObamacare & Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum wrongly claimed health plans on the health care exchanges are offering more limited networks of doctors and hospitals “because the Obama bill set prices at such levels” that some doctors and hospitals “do not participate in these programs.” The Affordable Care Act does not set prices for medical care.
11/21/13Top 4 Obamacare Myths About Millennials DispelledObamacare
Multiple media outlets have targeted young Americans in an attempt to spread misinformation and myths about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), claiming that coverage is too expensive, the ACA provides too much coverage to young adults, and that Millennials are better off not signing up for coverage, despite vast evidence showing that young people both need and want coverage under the ACA.
11/14/13Did Medicare Part D have the same rollout problems as the Obamacare online marketplaces?Medicare & Obamacare
Democrats are pleading for patience as they try to reassure the country that the online insurance marketplaces critical to President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul can be fixed. Big programs have seen rocky rollouts only to achieve success later, they say. Their top example: the 2005 launch of Medicare Part D, President George W. Bush’s prescription drug benefit plan.
11/08/13The Las Vegas Review Journal's 3 Tired Obamacare MythsObamacare
The Las Vegas Review-Journal promoted several myths about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) including that men will have excessive coverage, that young people will not sign up for insurance on the exchanges, and that heavy Medicaid enrollment will jeopardize the exchanges.