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  • Dec 25, 2016 05:27 AM
    Last: 18m
    conservativecat Wrote: Nobody questions we're ticking up on warmer .....

    Nobody? Have you ever once listened to the vast majority of Republicans on Capitol Hill? Hell - Jim Inhoffe, the chairman of the Environment and Public Works committee, stood on the Senate floor with a snowball to disprove that the earth is warming. The CHAIRMAN!

    conservativecat Wrote: but we know for a fact its happened centuries in the past, and we know for a fact humans didn't cause it then, right?

    Again - the vast majority of Republicans believe in creationism and the "young earth" theory. They simply don't believe that the earth was around 20,000 years ago, let alone 4.6 billion.

    It's quite difficult to convince someone who takes a snowball on the Senate floor or someone who believes that the earth is only a few thousand years old that the earths climate is changing and getting warmer.

    conservativecat Wrote: So what DID cause it then? Because whatever caused it then might be causing it now. Any reasonable, logical thinking person has to take that into consideration. From 1880 to present is a small blip in time.

    The wonderful thing about science is that they are willing to admit what they don't know. But what they do know is that dangerous levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the air brings about a chain reaction that warms the planet to dangerous and potentially catastrophic levels.

    It's hard to know exactly what caused the mass warming that began 20,000 years ago because the humans who lived during the Upper Paleolithic age were only beginning to live in settlements and the scientific theory wasn't invented yet. It could have been the earths tilt, solar storms, asteroids, or any other number of things.

    Regardless of what caused the last warming, it's hard to compare it to what's going on in modern day because that warming brought about the Holocene Epoch that we are still benefiting from today. If we had another mass warming event comparable to what happened at the end of the Paleolithic age then you can just waive goodbye to human civilization because the oceans would be toxic and plants wouldn't be able to grow.

    I will give you credit for going against the vast majority of your Republican brethren, but the problem as I see it is that it's hard to move forward toward solutions if one side is still in denial that the earth is even warming.

    It also doesn't help that we now have a President who tried to say that the heavens opened up and the sun came out as soon as he started giving his inaugural address when the exact opposite thing happened. How are we ever going to figure out how to tackle something as monumental as this when the sides can't even agree what the baseline facts are?

  • Dec 25, 2016 05:27 AM
    Last: 18m
    Chet Ruminski Wrote: Global warming or not. Why not just take care of where you live?

    Because multinational coal and oil companies don't care where you live. They care about their bottom line. Environment be damned.

  • Jan 28, 2017 02:33 PM
    Last: 2hr
    conservativecat Wrote: How is this much different from Obama banning Cubans right before he left office or from what Obama said before he ran for president?

    This is what drives me nuts about right wingers. Facts no longer matter. It's what you "hear" or "feel" that matters now. Facts be damned.

    Here are the facts.

    President Obama ended the "wet foot, dry foot" policy that allowed Cuban's without a visa or passport to legally enter and live in the United States if they reached dry land via boat.

    Donald banned every single person regardless of their legal status - including those who have a Green Card! - from entering the United States at all.

    President Obama's rule change still allowed Cuban's to enter the United States via legal means.

    Donald's executive order prevented anyone from those countries from entering the United States regardless of their legal status.

    Do you understand the difference? One is saying that someone entering the United States has to enter like everyone else. The other says that people who live in seven predominately Muslim countries can't enter at all. Green Cards be damned.

  • Dec 25, 2016 05:27 AM
    Last: 18m
    conservativecat Wrote:

    so it got warmer, the ice melted

    we don't know WHY ... that's all guesses and estimates and theories ...... but we can pretty much guarantee it wasn't humans 10,000 years ago right ?

    I agree, humans are trashing the planet. Are we causing it to get warmer when we know for a fact it has warmed and cooled in cycles over centuries? No - I don't think we can say that.

    But really smart people who know a hell of a lot more than you can say that.

    Are you one of the people who would search for the three percent of doctors who will tell you that doing a rain dance will cure your colon cancer? Or would you be like most rational people and listen the the 97% of doctors who recommended that you get the treatment that could actually save your life?

    I am no scientist, but I trust people who have spent their lives studying these things a hell of a lot more than Fox "News" and other right wing outlets who are beholden to the fossil fuel industry.

  • Nov 23, 2016 08:56 AM
    Last: 1d
    conservativecat Wrote: why do you say Trump voters were bigots ?
    Because millions of them are.
  • Sep 18, 2016 03:59 PM
    Last: 1d
    conservativecat Wrote:

    except black isn't a choice - its a skin color

    I'm not scared of a trans man going into a bathroom with my 17 year old daughter. I'm afraid of the liars doing it for perversion. I'd rather protect the 50% +/- of population who is women from people like that than the 0.6 % who are confused on standing or sitting to pee.

    yes - it happens


    The Daily Wire is a tabloid. As Donald likes to say - FAKE NEWS! Sad!!!!!

  • Dec 25, 2016 05:27 AM
    Last: 18m
    conservativecat Wrote: I have a Global Warming question.

    We know that 10,000 years ago, the last ice age ended, and the ice retreated from the upper central US back into Canada and northwards.

    What caused that ice to retreat? Cold weather or warm weather?

    It's not that simple. There are no "weather" records dating back 10,000 years ago, but there are ice and fossil records that paint a pretty clear picture of what happened.

    These records show that the ice sheets covering much of the northern hemisphere began slowing their advance roughly 20,000 years ago. The ocean currents then began to shift throughout the next 10,000 years, which brought about a gradual thawing of the massive ice sheets. At the same time, the currents began warming the water in the southern hemisphere, which, for reasons scientists still haven't been able to conclusively figure out, led to the water in the southern hemisphere releasing massive levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, bringing about the rapid retreat of the ice sheets.

    I really enjoy reading academic articles and I encourage you to read a fantastic study that was released in Nature Magazine called Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation. It might help answer some of your skepticism about science and global climate change throughout millennia.

  • Sep 18, 2016 03:59 PM
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    conservativecat Wrote: why should 99.7 % of the people change the way they use bathrooms to accommodate 0.3 % of men who want to use the ladies room or women who want to pee in men's?

    I look at it as women's health issue - women don't need the added opportunity for a sexual predator to say he's trans and go into a women's bathroom. Making that legal invites problems.

    It's interesting how the same exact argument that was used to keep black people from using the same bathrooms as white people are now being used against transgender people.

    And I've been in countless concert and sports venues where women brazenly walk into the men's room because the women's line is twice as long. I've never witnessed one guy express the slightest hint of outrage and most of the time we just let the woman cut in line because the vast majority of us just needed to pee.

    This is not a women's health issue. There is zero evidence that transgender people are using public restrooms to commit rape. In fact, evidence shows that transgender people who are forced to use the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificate are more prone to abuse. That's because someone born a woman but now identifies as a man looks like a man and that can be awkward if they are forced to use a woman's bathroom.

    Which situation would a non transgender woman feel more comfortable in? One where a man who identifies as a woman and looks like a woman uses the private stall in a women's bathroom to conduct her "business" or one where a woman who identifies as a man and dresses like a man is forced to use the women's bathroom?

    conservativecat Wrote: The true solution is unisex bathrooms - individual bathrooms, one person at a time. Problem solved.

    I don't disagree, but we're a long way from that in the deeply red states. I live in Portland and the vast majority of new businesses have gender neutral unisex bathrooms, but I also travel a lot and we seem to be the exception and not the norm.

  • Sep 18, 2016 03:59 PM
    Last: 1d
    Chet Ruminski Wrote: Two Senators from Wyoming represent 586,675 people and have the same voting power as two Senators from California who represent 39,747,844 people. Plus every year the population of CA increases by about the same number as the entire population of Wyoming. Does that make sense???

    For the millionth time - please stay on the topic of the thread.

    Any future talk about Senate appropriation on this thread will be removed.

  • Jan 25, 2017 01:38 AM
    Last: 8hr
    Dude Wrote: People really don't have a clue. If you keep taking God out of everything it's gonna be very bad. It's sad when you can worship the devil who don't care about anyone, he is out to kill steel and destroy, but no one says anything about that in schools. The problem is people don't like the conviction the bible brings so they try to take it out.

    I don't give a rats ass who you or anyone else worships as long as you don't shove it down my throat. And you sure as hell better not shove it down the vulnerable minds of young kids in public elementary schools either.

    If parents want God in school then they should send their child to a religious school.

    Dude Wrote: We need God in schools and we need God in Government. If you don't like that then move to other countries and see how do without God. It's not good.

    Thankfully for us nonbelievers and anyone who doesn't follow Christian theology, there's this awesome thing called the 1st Amendment that explicitly prevents you from making that a reality.

    Go to your church and worship whoever you want. That is your right. But your right to force that dogma down my or anyone else's throats ends once you walk out of those doors.