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  • Four seats if Secretary Clinton wins the White House or five seats if she doesn't. That's the magic number Democrats need in order to retake control of the Senate next January and eight states will determine whether or not that happens.Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Nevada.
  • Would you want your daughter to be the subject of "locker room" talk if that talk was about sexually assaulting women? Donald Trump wants to be President of the United States and the President is a role model for young children.
  • Alec Baldwin debuted his inner Donald Trump in a way only he could during Saturday Night Live's season opener and he did not disappoint. He, along with Kate McKinnon playing the par of Hillary Clinton, relived the first Presidential Debate that showed nearly 100 million viewers that Donald Trump is, in fact, a man baby. (Credit to Jon Stewart for coming up with that description.
  • The Clinton Foundation has been the topic of seemingly endless media attention ever since Secretary Clinton announced her intention to run for President, but what the media has been eerily silent about is the other Clinton Foundation that the family runs - The Clinton Family Foundation.
  • Shortly after President Obama was first inaugurated, Nate Silver wrote an article titled The Two Progressivisms. Understanding the difference between the two can go a long way towards bridging the divide between Bernie and Hillary supporters as we head towards November.Reformative vs.
  • President Obama has had more than his fair share of zingers directed at the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee throughout the years and his speech at the Democratic National Convention was no different. Donald Trump may have won the nomination, but there is no chance of him ever winning a fight against President Obama."Comb Over Here!"
  • Hillary Clinton extending an olive branch to loyal Obama supporters by choosing to keep Vice President Biden on her ticket in would all but guarantee her winning the Presidency in November.Think about it for a second.
  • Mark your calendars for March 1, 2016 because that is the date the Republican Party will likely be signing their 2016 death warrant by making a Donald Trump nomination virtually unstoppable.Ten largely southern and deeply conservative states head to the polls on Super Tuesday and every indication is that Donald Trump will be having a very good day in the vast majority of those states.


CITYPortland, OR
JOB\SCHOOLSouthern Illinois University

SOCIAL POLICYStrongly Liberal


I'm a recent transplant to Portland, Oregon by way of Illinois. I enjoy an active lifestyle and Oregon has not let me down.Social Work is my passion in life. If I could help every at risk youth out there, I would do it in a heart beat. I want to teach them that there is a better way to move forward in life and that they can do it if they commit to it. I'm an avid reader and enjoy engaging people in conversation about nearly anything under the sun. You never know what you can learn from a simple conversation.

Political Views

I consider myself a progressive liberal. Socially, I am a firm believer in the government having a role in the welfare of its citizens. I am a proponent of a Single-Payer healthcare model and having a social compact that all will receive a quality and equal education which prepares our youth for modern society. I am firmly opposed to our nations drug laws and the disproportionate impact that they have on the poor and I wish that we would use a fraction of the money that we do on "defense" on social welfare matters here at home. I am a fiscal progressive and believe that our tax code is so tilted towards the rich that it makes it nearly impossible for a middle class to grow and thrive. I am not opposed to people being wealthy whatsoever, but I do believe that everyone should have skin in the game when it comes to paying their fair share.