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  • Apr 10, 2018 11:28 AM
    Last: 18hr
    Schmidt Wrote:

    Huffington Post: Constitution Is Clearly a Living Document

    We're off topic but I'll chime in anyway.

    Not only the 27 amendments to the Constitution but millions of pages of case law have been established by the courts as interpretations of the Constitution that align with modern thinking and practices. Those laws change as needed through the legislative process and challenges in the courts.

    So yes, the Constitution is a living document. That's not to say that some aspects of the Constitution are easy to change (e.g. electoral college process), but as a whole the Constitution as a living document has served us well for the past 242 years.

    No Schmidt it is an long "dead" document; you even admit that by stating that "interpretations" only is done, while the document itself and its amendments are untouched. That is not the way it works in Europe. Also if you don't amend any changes into law and make it part of the Constitution, then you get the situation as at present. An clear example is the "second amendment" ; the way it is written does not apply to the present times at all, and is only interpreted as you said by crooked lawyers to make it fit 2018. It does not fit at all what the intentions where when it was written. A "living" document is a "base law" which is continously adapted to the times and those adaptions/corrections become then part of the base law; which is not the case in this country, where only the "interpretation" counts. In other words " the original meaning" of the "law"when it was written is totally twisted and turned by corrupt lawyers, to fit things what our present corrupt leaders have in mind. One word says it all: CRAZY and CORRUPT!

    "Case law" is another beauty; just dig up one to get it your way; since no "case" is ever the same in history, then such get twisted and turned the same way as I described. Thus it just depends on the "lawyer" how to interpret such one way or another. Thus this way you never get sound "black or "white" clearly written laws. No wonder lawyers here make fortunes.

    Also because of the above do we get the election of a con-man who shits on all our laws and rules, because he knows that in his function most laws (if any) don't count. I'm amazed that in a country like this, it is just about impossible to remove such person because of the non-laws; but yeah no wonder if the laws here never contemplated to get such person elected, who only wants loyalty, so he can't be touched and is protected by the non existing laws here which should be applicable to such function.

  • Apr 10, 2018 11:28 AM
    Last: 18hr
    Maindawg Wrote:

    Nixon attacked George McGovern and was driven from office August 9 ,1974. So I think the whole scandal came to light sometime in 1972 . Mueller has acknowledged that he does not have the authority to indict the president.

    Meanwhile the fat idiot is coming unhinged and getting bolder by the day as he just destroys every thing he touches. How long will it be until he calls for violence ? Before he uses his authority to begin a violent action ?

    What then?

    Sometimes things happen that never happened before. They are already .

    Your last line says it all. Our Constitution was never considered to be a "living" document, as other civil societies do. In this country our zillion lawyers made sure that "changes to it" are just about impossible to make. Therefore in about 300 years only about 100 "adaptions/amendments" were done. Indeed in the present situation, having a con-man as President, which our forefathers thought could never happen created the present situation.. I think due to that people in those times, when that Constitution was written, still had the decency and values as was pushed into their heads via the church; which is no longer the case because also the churches are politicised and the world has changed as well due to science and developments. Thus once "honesty/integrity" go out of the window as it is now the case ; then this whole antique Constitution falls on its flat face. Trump knows that and uses this to his advantage. "Rules" alone don't work in present times or the future. Therefore due to our "lazyness" to regularly adapt this Constitution to the times, we are working ourselves deeper and deeper into the shit. How about strict laws about limits on the Presidential powers?
  • May 18, 2018 11:44 AM
    Last: 3hr
    Dockadams Wrote:
    lonely bird Wrote: Enough with politicians and their thoughts and prayers bullshit.
    It's all they have.
    Yes that is the big problem here; "prayers" are just sound waves; the vibrations of it in the air don't carry that sound beyond a few yards, let alone that it reaches Mars or beyond. Prayers are only to "cover" up the human wrong doings in order to satisfy the "mind". Just like Catholic nonsense that your crimes can be forgiven if you confess and pray and pay. Where are the brains in this country; nothing up there will ever help the minuscule humans on this tiny planet. People prayed forever through the centuries, but the results were only more wars, famine, deceases, murder as well inventing tools to kill even more. Even lions only kill what they can eat and only kill to eat; we kill just to test our invented tools to settle our disputes and don't even eat it what we kill. Humans are strange animals.
  • May 18, 2018 11:44 AM
    Last: 3hr
    Dock, if you get 30 million to close your eyes, what would you do? That is how this country works, ask Trump.
  • May 18, 2018 03:21 PM
    Last: 3d

    That is what you get in an uneducated country , where even the teachers are not educated because they also have no money to get educated. Yes then you are asking for it that an "mob" boss get elected without any screening. Mueller is doing the work now which should have been done before the election. But yeah this country loves to do things backwards. By electing Trump, this country invited the worst of the corrupt bunch to join him. Result will be an real banana republic.

    Thus the only thing what can save this country is to revamp our election laws as well rewrite the Constitution to fit 2018 and beyond. Especially make solid laws related to what a President is allowed to do as well such person should have no power other than an coordinator and be an inspiring and knowledgeable person with worldwide experience. Just like the Royalty in Europe who have no say in the daily governing of a country. But yeah due to having a zillion lawyers here this will never happen here. The stubborness in this country will bring it to its fall.

  • May 18, 2018 11:44 AM
    Last: 3hr
    But yeah as with everything here; likely we carry on as usual and nothing gets done which has any effect. I guess Jesus must have gone nuts with all these prayers and has bought an AR 15; there are no background checks in heaven. This must be the most stupid country in the world for sure.
  • May 19, 2018 08:09 AM
    Last: 2d
    May be you and others noticed that the Prince and Princess did ride in an open carriage without being surrounded by bodyguards and drove in between the waving public. If this was done here it would be in armoured cars and a hundred heavily armed military and secret service people. Yes there is world of difference between Europe than the US, especially with our "bully con-man" as leader who also wants a parade but not with horses and smiles, but with tanks and rockets as N.Korea does.
  • May 13, 2018 10:26 AM
    Last: 5d
    Schmidt Wrote:

    I suppose you may have seen these quotes on the Occupy Democrats Facebook page:

    "Jews are not people, they are animals" -- Adolph Hitler

    "Undocumented immigrants are not people, they are animals." -- Donald Trump

    Trump is unhinged when it comes to undocumented immigrants and refugees entering our country. It's an obsession and he just cannot let it go. "Build the wall!" He is sick.

    USA Today: Trump ramps up rhetoric on undocumented immigrants: 'These aren't people. These are animals.'

    This is our "leader"

  • Mar 05, 2018 12:41 PM
    Last: 5d
    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    tsk tsk

    EU President Tusk just took Trump to task, and he did not hold back:


    Guy, excellent piece; yes I hope Europe shows some backbone and deals with Iran as per agreement. I also hope they sanction all US export to Europe with steep tariffs. They don't like Chevy's anyway nor the present attitude of the US on a lot of other things as well.
  • May 13, 2018 06:56 PM
    Last: 5d
    I think, just as with the Indonesia deal, that they get everything, as long as he can eventually built a resort in N. Korea or get some other "goodies" in return to make Trump richer. Since Trump loves parades, then N.Korea will offer to train the US troops to march like "robots" and arrange the logistics of the parade Trump wants. In exchange N.Korea can keep all their toys. Wink