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  • Feb 12, 2018 01:25 PM
    Last: 6d

    Nancy Pelosi spent 8 hours in the US House of Representatives explaining to the Republicans why they should pass a clean DACA bill and she told those Republicans about the families who have lived in this country for 20 or 30 years who were broken up because Trump nullified DACA and the cruelty and harm that action has caused in America is appalling.

    The Republicans in the House who are always BSing about how they are devoted to and believe in family values reveal what a pack of hypocrites they really are when they refused to pass a clean DACA bill.

  • Feb 12, 2018 01:17 PM
    Last: 6d

    Trump's State of the Union Speech on January 30th involved his usual fascist, racist remarks and a big pile of flights of fancy but reality has never been a world Trump is familiar with and Trump's support for another nuclear arms race leaves no doubt that he belongs in a lunatic asylum.

    Observing the responses to Trump's 1 and half hour rambling speech it was interesting to note who was enthusiastically responding to his comments and it was obvious the Republicans were clapping like crazy and grinning like Cheshire Cats.

    Trump's Republican followers have revealed how fascist, racist, warmongering, corrupt and stupid the Republican Party has become and anyone voting Republican is supporting those horrific, unamerican, despicable ideas and policies and there is no point in telling the Republican Party to go to hell since it is already there.

  • Jan 04, 2018 02:56 PM
    Last: 25d

    America's Orwellian World (the mass news media) of distorted reality has a lot of forbidden subjects: Climate change, unending war crimes and wars costing trillions for two generations, the reality that America's government is a fascist, corrupt Oligarchy, the U.S. Congress funding war crimes and terrorist agencies like the CIA and the School of the Americas, passing fascist acts like FISA, creating a vast unconstitutional surveillance police state, militarizing of our police forces, passing laws protecting polluters and forcing the American taxpayer to clean up their toxic wastes dumps, giving billions in tax breaks to the 1%, refusing to remove deadly drugs that are killing thousands of Americans each year, ignoring vast corruption, waste and fraud in the billions in that Oligarchic cesspool by refusing to audit government departments, refusing to pass gun laws and classifying the NRA as America's most successful terrorist organization, ignoring the increasing homelessness in America, ignoring the increasing corruption of our election and legal systems and refusing to cover any progressive, democratic events, activities, marches or ideas.

    One can only conclude that America's Orwellian World exists to keep the American people ignorant, uninformed, misinformed about facts, issues and reality that effect their lives and the American people need a news TV station and radio station paid for by the tax payers that will tell them the truth.

  • Jan 25, 2018 01:59 PM
    Last: 25d

    One would think by this time that the members of the U.S. Congress would have become aware of the fact that America's most successful con artist has been making damn fools of all of them and if they had any self respect every member of the U.S. Congress would boycott this corrupt lunatic and impeach him because he is stupid crazy and he is profiting big time from the fact he is President and from that despicable corrupt tax bill and also he is wasting millions in tax dollars flying every few days to his resorts.

    Anyone in the U.S. Congress who is defending and protecting this evil man and who refuses to impeach him is as evil and corrupt as he is.

  • Jan 25, 2018 01:50 PM
    Last: 24d

    Trump and Sessions are revealing their lets get even nature by targeting California with their fascist, racist attacks on the residents of California because the California State Legislature declared California a sanctuary state and those two traitorous racist corrupt creeps declared that any politician in California trying to protect these residents would be prosecuted as criminals.

    Since America is no longer a Republic but instead a war criminal, war mongering, weapons dealing fascist racist corrupt, lawless criminally dysfunctional Oligarchy then California should secede and become a country and ban all these Oligarchic fascist racist corrupt creeps.

  • Nov 07, 2017 03:55 PM
    Last: 2mo
    The truth is the Democratic Party is dependent on Corporate funding but will never get the billions the Republicans get and you need either a lot of funding or citizen participation to win an election and that is why Bernie was so good for the party and the democratic party treated him and his followers with contempt and shunted them aside, Bernie should have started his own party and he would have gotten the Independents, greens, environmentalists, gays, conservationists and feminists. The DNC is to busy bowing and scraping to the Corporatists for funds and those Corporatists don't like Bernie's followers and that's why Bernie has been treated so badly.
  • Dec 14, 2017 01:20 PM
    Last: 2mo

    America has lost its soul to the Gods of War, Hate and Greed and all those Americans worshipping these gods can go to hell for that is exactly where they belong since they have been turning the planet into a living hell.

    One can only hope that the God of the Jews has improved his skills for protecting his people since his people's enemies out number them big time and they are also surrounded by those whose families have been slaughtered, maimed and so cruelly, unjustly and unfairly treated by those followers of that Jewish sky god of the dark side.

    Trump is on a rampage to destroy America's protected lands and hand them over to the polluters and frackers. His kids want to bring home elephant heads with them - sociopathic, soulless, evil degenerates - the whole damn bunch of them. It is time the people rose up as one and destroy that corrupt, destructive, warmongering Oligarchy that these evil creeps have created.

    The Supreme Court will continue to uphold Trump's fascist dictates because the Supreme Court has now got 5 corrupt, corporate fascist ideologues on it.

    After a year of Trump and his corrupt, fascist government it is hard to believe that millions of Americans still support this evil man. Every nation on earth has a small group of extremists but one can only be shocked at the number of fascists in this country and the truth is one cannot be a fascist and an American since that is not possible.

    Reagan created the foundation for the Oligarchy that has destroyed our Republic and the Republicans have created an Oligarchy that has allowed 1% of Americans to obtain most of the nations wealth while working Americans haven't has a wage increase in over a generation.

    Trump has become the planets most successful death dealer by selling billions in weapons all over the world, in other words, promoting an arms race is very profitable for the Military Industrial Complex and nothing better illustrates how totally devoid of values, principles and ideals America's government has become then this warmongering, war criminal arms dealer.

    Trump's appointees are all determined to use a sledge hammer to erase, destroy and eliminate every law and regulation meant to protect the American people from the criminal, destructive and harmful activities of the Robber Barons and Global Corporations/Capitalists.

    The U.S. Oligarchy has just passed a 700 billion war budget and has already spent 7 trillion on endless war crimes in 12 countries and have turned these countries into piles of rubble, slaughtered and maimed millions of innocent souls and created millions of refugees and everyone in the U.S Congress that is voting to fund these war crimes is a war criminal.

    The FCC wants to turn over the Internet to the Robber Barons/Global Corporations/Capitalists and has already nullified a law preventing the Robber Barons from owning all the communications stations in one area.

    The Drug Corporations are allowed to kill more citizens then illegal drugs do because these Robber Barons have bought a lot of Robber Baron Stooges in the U.S. Congress and these Stooges obviously don't give a damn how many thousands of American citizens die each year and the NRA feels exactly the same way about their weapons.

    The US Oligarchy has supported the Military Industrial Complex for generations and the only way to stop the wars, fraud and waste in that MIC is to get back our Republic and the best way to do that is to destroy Capitalism which is the economic system that created that Oligarchy

  • Dec 14, 2017 12:38 PM
    Last: 2mo

    America's favorite flim flam boy managed to flim flam all those Republicans into giving him millions more in tax breaks each year at the expense of the American people and since those Republicans were so desperate to pay off their campaign contributors for the next decade at a cost of a trillion and a half deficit this incrediably expensive flim flam bill was easy to accomplish and pass, of course looking at this tax bill from another point of view one can only conclude that all those Republicans in the U.S. Congress are nothing more than a gang of bribe taking criminals and every damn one of them belongs in jail for turning our Republic into a greedy, corrupt Oligarchy.

    There are other really rotten things in this rotten bill; like oil drilling in the Artic, removing 20 million Americans from the health care rolls and also creating the circumstances that will send health care premiums through the roof.

    Do these greedy Republicans really believe they can get away with such a rotten, corrupt tax bill? I guess since most Americans refuse to vote they just may.

  • Nov 25, 2017 01:43 PM
    Last: 3mo

    Trump is bsing all over the place when he says that the American people will get $4,000 in wage increases and thousands in tax cuts and yet he refuses to increase that poverty minimum wage of $7.25 . Trump is a pathological liar and anyone who still believes this con artist needs a brain transplant.

    Any American who may have lingering doubts about what kind of government they have will find those doubts disappear into thin air by looking at that monstrosity the Republicans have cooked up that they call the tax cut bill and its main goal is to award those Republican Robber Baron Stooges campaign contributors and anyone voting for this rotten, corrupt tax bill hates the people but loves their corporate masters and these Republicans leave no doubt that America has become a war criminal, war mongering, corrupt, lawless, criminally dysfunctional Oligarchy and all patriotic Americans should do everything in their power to destroy this Oligarchy for only then can American regain her Republic.

  • Aug 08, 2017 08:00 AM
    Last: 4mo

    Since America is no longer a Republic but instead an Oligarchy the people no longer are being represented, there rights are no longer being upheld and the only hope the people have to regain their Republic and uphold their rights and values is to establish a citizens security force that is well trained, well armed and dedicated to one goal to protect American citizens from the fascist thugs that have sprouted like weeds in this country thanks to Trump and his fascist speeches and the attacks on minorities in this country have gone viral and pretending this country is still a Republic is just plain silly.