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  • Aug 14, 2014 08:53 PM
    Last: 8d

    Legal systems, law enforcement and the corporate prison systems have created a very profitable business and that business is Prisoners. The more prisoners the more profits and at $50,000 a year per prisoner that is big time profits.

    If the prison system spends 45 cents per meal and gets $10.00 per meal one can figure how profitable it can be.

    This profitable business explains why more and more Americans have ended up in jail for years waiting for trial because they could not make bail even though they may be innocent and also explains why more people are arrested for minor violations of the law and couldn't afford to pay the fine so they are arrested and jailed.

    These profitable private prison systems encourage jailing the poor that are unable to make bail or pay fines or are peaceful demonstrators and in a word the whole thing really STINKS!

  • Mar 03, 2017 10:45 AM
    Last: 8d

    Those seeds of hate, fear and intolerance planted during the last 3 years by Trump and his fascist followers are now bearing poisonous, bitter fruit where minorities are being killed all over the country and attacks on religious groups and their churches are increasing.

    Trump pretends he is concerned about these killings and attacks but his past demonizing speeches about minorities and religions and his edicts and deeds make his claims of concern ring hollow and hypocritical.

    There is no doubt that Trump and his fascist followers have caused these barbaric, hateful activities all over America and for that reason alone this evil man should be impeached.

  • Aug 22, 2012 03:24 PM
    Last: 8d

    All this fuss and feathers over the Russian so called interference in the U.S. Election will cost millions and a great deal of wasted time over imagined evidence that never existed proving how loony our government has become.

    The U.S. Government should be investigating instead our corrupt election systems caused by caging; removing minorities from the voter rolls, barriers to voting , limiting polling sites in minority neighborhoods, gerrymandering and sending out misinformation to minority districts like wrong election dates and inaccurate voting poll addresses.

    We don't need outside help corrupting our election systems since these systems couldn't possibly get more corrupt.

  • Jan 21, 2017 11:23 PM
    Last: 8d

    International Women's Day on March 8th brought out 10's of thousands of women in 50 countries to March for Women's Rights.

    I am sure those anti-women Republicans in the U.S. Congress and State Legislatures were not impressed by these marches but the word is spreading about these anti-women Republican laws, policies and regulations that are destroying women's rights.

    Any women voting for a Republican in the next election is either incredibly stupid or has a very serious case of self loathing and very, very low self esteem.

  • Dec 28, 2016 03:11 PM
    Last: 2hr

    Apparently those Republicans in the U.S. Congress don't have a clue as to what affordable means; inexpensive and reasonably priced.

    This loony Republican Health Care Plan will cut over ten years 880 billion from Medicaid and give 883 billion in tax cuts for the rich or in other words take from the poor and give to the rich.

    The result of this incredibly cruel, demented Health Care Plan is the 24 million Americans will lose their health care and all those who drafted this Health Care Plan and all those who are promoting it and will vote for it have earned the right to be defeated in the next election since very few voters would want to waste their vote on a sociopathic, soulless, corrupt degenerate.

  • Mar 09, 2017 10:11 AM
    Last: 8d

    When it comes to fiscal matters those bragging fiscal conservative Republicans spend a lot of time dwelling in Fantsyland.

    Trump wants to spend 56 billion more on the Military Industrial Complex, 50 billion on that absurd border wall, 50 billion for that vast national security surveillance police state, 50 billion to begin rounding up and incarcerating 20 million immigrants, 1 trillion on the U.S. Military and the wars in 6 countries and 1 trillion on infrastructure and Mr. Delusional Trump thinks? he is going to pay for all this spending by cutting taxes for the Robber Barons/Global Corporations and the 1% and instead cut back on domestic programs like Medicaid to pay for all this.

    I hate to bust Trump's delusional bubble but the Military Industrial Complex takes up most of the discretionary budget and I doubt the American people want to trade their diminishing domestic programs to pay for these insane criminal wars, those unconstitutional surveillance police state systems, the corrupt Military Industrial Complex, war on immigrants and Trump's folly; the border wall.

    The truth is the only way Trump can pay for all these trillion/billion dollar plans to make America great again will be to tax big time those dead beat Robber Barons/Global corporations and the 1% who pay no taxes or very little taxes.

    In summary those Robber Baron Stooge Republican's priorities are not in the best interest of the American people and the planet and do not uphold the ideals America once stood for.

  • Mar 16, 2017 01:58 PM
    Last: 8d

    Ole Wily Coyote Putin and Chicken Little the Sky is Falling Trump make the perfect odd couple.

    One can just see them happily playing golf in Scotland together and Trump beating his golf ball to death because it wouldn't do what he wanted it to do and Putin having serious second thoughts about their relationship.

    This odd couple has one thing in common and that is being able to benefit big time from the positions they hold and in the corruption game these two are always at the top of their game.

  • Mar 16, 2017 01:50 PM
    Last: 9d

    Berta Caceres a famous environmentalist from Honduras was murdered a year ago. Two of Berta's killers were trained in the United States as special forces agents at the School of the America's which is a terrorist organization like the CIA.

    Berta's murder was a military operation and Berta knew she was on a military hit list of 16 environmentalists.

    Federal Government employees and contractors have a lot of nerve pointing an accusing finger at other nations criminal activities since the U.S. Government's criminal activities include endless war crimes, human rights abuses and the murdering of environmentalists all over the planet which are never brought to light by the Orwellian World of Darkness (America's mass news media).

    And if the American people were informed about all these serious crimes committed by their government would they approve of them?

  • Apr 05, 2013 07:34 PM
    Last: 16d

    If all the families who lost loved ones because of gun violence would sue the gun manufacturers and the NRA members (one million each member) that would be a great way to get rid of this whole tragic problem since these NRA members don't give a damn how many innocent people are killed then make them pay big time.

    The NRA members qualify for the sociopathic, soulless, degenerate award of the year each year.

  • Feb 12, 2017 07:58 PM
    Last: 18d
    If the 1% and those Global Corporations would pay their fair share of taxes we could at least begin making our tax systems fairer and until they do perhaps the American people should refused to pay their Federal taxes since most of those taxes are being dumped into that bottomless pit called the Military Industrial Complex.