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Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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    Security guard for the hotel is missing. Maybe he's hiding from media attention, or maybe he was told by investigators to disappear for awhile while they get all of their stories straight? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but that would seem most logical since there were discrepancies to the timeline of when the offender fired his first shot/s.
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    1. If we are to believe Stephen Paddock is the sole perpetrator of the deadliest mass shooting in American history, then why do we still, after over 2 months, have zero evidence, picture/video of Paddock inside the Mandalay Bay during his nearly a week stay there?
    2. How was a 67 year old man able to single handedly knockout out 2 HURRICANE PROOF STORM WINDOWS with a hammer?
    3. Why the need for two seperate broken windows, in two seperate adjoining rooms, when both windows have the same vantage point?
    4. If we are to believe that Paddock was running back and forth between the two adjoining rooms, then why did the zebra 20 team, once inside 32-135, have to explosively breach the connecting door to gain entry into 32-134?
    5. Who locked the adjoining door between 32-135 & 32-134? It could not have been Stephen Paddock, as it would have been locked from the other side, and the body was found in 32-135.
    6. If there were no shots fired at the Bellagio, then who was the woman reported by control on the police scanner audio, to be inside Bellagio, whispering, and reporting that "suspects are inside with her…" and that she "…can't talk"?
    7. Why were there so many guns for 1 gunman?
    8. What type of guns were found?
    9. What were the serial numbers of the guns?
    10. Were bump stocks used or not?
    11. How many expended brass casings were retrieved in 32-135 & 32-134?
    12. What is/are the Caliber/round types used? Specific weapons fired?
    13. Why would Paddock go through so much trouble in planning and executing everything, bringing so many guns, ammo, armor, tools, computers, surveillance, explosives, etc., only to stop shooting way before the endgame, and commit suicide before even being confronted by authorities?
    14. Why were there "multiple cell phones" found in 32-135?
    15. Why were there "multiple laptops" found in 32-135?
    16. What happened to the Hard Drive to one of the laptops?
    17. Why would Stephen Paddock bring a laptop with no hard drive?
    18. Why were there "a lot of drills" found in 32-135? What purpose would or did the drills serve?
    19. Why did they find a cell phone charger that matched none of the other cell phones found in 32-135?
    20. What was the $100,000 wired to the Philippines for?
    21. Where did the leaked crime scene photos come from?
    22. What is the glove or bag around the left hand of the body found in 32-135
    23. Did Paddock use the service elevator or not?
    24. Why is there no muzzle fire seen coming from 32-135 or 32-134 in any video?
    25. What was Stephen Paddock planning on doing with the bomb found in his car?

    26. Was Stephen Paddock planning on blowing up the fuel tanks at McCarren Airport?
    27. Why Did Stephen Paddock bother to bring body armor to the room, then not even bother to wear it?
    28. Why Did Stephen Paddock bother to bring body armor to the room, if he was just going to commit suicide?
    29. Why was Jesus Campos allowed to leave the country?
    30. Exactly what company does Jesus Campos work for?
    31. Why exactly was Jesus Campos on the 32nd floor? Daily Routine? Alarm? Door Ajar?
    32. Why does Jesus Campos sound so calm and casual for someone who was just shot in the leg, and dodged reportedly hundreds of bullets which came through the door of 32135, as he reports the shots being fired?
    33. Why was Jesus Campos unlicensed at the time of the shooting?
    34. David Hickey, President of Jesus Campos' Union, states licensing wasn’t required, is this true?
    35. When Zebra-20 made entry into Paddock’s room one officer was reported to have fired one round, what was the target?
    36. Why was this fact not initially reported to the public, and why did it take the media a month to report this when it was clearly audible in the police scanner audio on Oct 1?
    37. Who was the "WMA" (White Male Adult) placed into custody from the RV in the Motel 8 lot?
    38. What were the contents of his bag(s) that were identified as "suspicious"?
    39. Who was responsible for guarding residence(s) of Stephen Paddock in Nevada, Texas, California and elsewhere?
    40. What was stolen from his home after it was burglarized? Why was the residence in Nevada left unsecured?
    41. Why the MAJOR discrepancy between initial statement regarding Security Officer Jesus Campos “disrupting” shooter, to the current description that he was shot/injured 6 full minutes prior to the attack on the concert region outside Mandalay Bay (Route 91 Harvest)?
    42. Exactly which room(s) was Stephen Paddock checked into, and when did he check in those room(s)?
    43. Was it paid for, or was it a comp’d room(s)?
    44. Who was officially checked into room 32-134? Brian Hodge states he was, although a hotel has been produced, showing he was actually in another room.
    Was he just mistaken? Was he lying? Was he told to say this?
    45. If Security, Maintenance AND off-duty LVMPD officers were present on the 32nd floor, prior to mass shooting, why the confusion as to what floor the shooting into the concert venue was coming from?
    46. Why has the media not acknowledged the car bomb incident at Luxor yet?
    47. Where did the reports of the shots fired from the 7th floor of the Mirage (2.8 miles away from Mandalay Bay) come from, well over an hour after the shooting at MB ceased??
    48. What information was extracted from Mary Lou Delaney? Is she still a suspect? Why have we STILL not heard anything about her side of the story?
    49. Did anything come of the reported male with a gun in the bathroom at the Luxor, that can be heard on the police scanner audio?
    50. Where did the report of the "male walking into the employee entrance of the Bellagio with a rifle" come from?