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Carl's Jr billionaire for Labor Secretary

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    Portland, OR
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    It's great to see him fall, but I caution Democrats to not get too excited. Trump will just nominate another billionaire businessman who hasn't employed an undocumented immigrant and hasn't been accused of beating his wife.
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    Resigned, fired (Flynn), who knows. The leader is blaming the media. Blame others is getting very tired. It keeps confusion front and center. Labor guy out is another thing that didn't go as planned. Maybe the media will go back to caffeinated and see if they can do better. Morning headline should read: Trump has made bad choices.
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    Ft.myers, FL
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    It does not matter; all the other "candidates" approved by the "ruling" party will only make the mess bigger, because barely any of them ever worked in the government. They still have to learn their new jobs and are mentally selected to have an total adverse view of what any such department should be doing. Success assured!!! ( don't you believe it) Just wait till Carson starts"operating" on "houses.