U.S. Political Issues


Political IssueLatest Content
Business & Economy53541042Why publish the Dow?
    Labor1420216Republican Missouri Governor Taking It Backwards
      Jobs1098181Republican Missouri Governor Taking It Backwards
        Minimum Wage19751Republican Missouri Governor Taking It Backwards
        Offshoring326Rich man and can man in the light of the lamp
        Unemployment Rate6624Unemployment rate for less than highschool.education.
      Labor Unions29431Canada versus the US
    Macroeconomics2409567Tax cuts leading to recession.
      Free Trade21026The bad politics of withdrawing from the TPP
      Monetary Policy17863Federal Reserve to shed $4.5 trillion in bonds
        Federal Reserve5845Federal Reserve to shed $4.5 trillion in bonds
        Gold Standard271Is America Rich?
        Inflation & Deflation342Paul Krugman on Bubbles and Secular Stagflation
      Taxes1423420Tax cuts leading to recession.
        Corporate Taxes6332Tax cuts leading to recession.
          Offshore Tax Shelters59mitt's taxes
        Tax Shelters4116Merger between Pfizer and Astrazeneca
      U.S. Debt & Deficits76863Obama the Deficit Terrorist recants?
        Debt Ceiling18535Debt ceiling/ Government budget etc.
    Regulation27891Why not really fix Wall Street???
      Financial Regulation23477Why not really fix Wall Street???
Civil & Human Rights62081132White supremacists
    Individual Rights & Freedoms1999608How much more nuttier?
      Freedom of Press06
      Freedom of Religion40840Today versus 2021
      Freedom of Speech23525How much more nuttier?
      Gay Rights1210410Gay Marriage Bans Are Getting Struck Down, state by state by state
        Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)9223Texas Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down
        Gay Adoption84New Study Debunks Conservative Talking Points on Gay Adoption
        Gay Marriage744170Gay Marriage Bans Are Getting Struck Down, state by state by state
        Gays in Military4321Jeh Johnson Nominated for Homeland Security Secretary
          Don't Ask Don't Tell2916Jeh Johnson Nominated for Homeland Security Secretary
      Right to Privacy5015Invasion of privacy.A
      Right to Vote6958Solution for Voter Fraud - Public Online Database for Election Results
      Women's Rights19177Passionate Women's March on Washington
    Abortion387134back alley butchers
    Discrimination20869Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained at Airport for being Muslim
      Affirmative Action2712Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban Upheld by Supreme Court
      Profiling8112Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained at Airport for being Muslim
    Gambling57Point blank perspective???? Guns/prostitutes/drugs/booze/rock and roll/theater/cards/
    Gun Control2547108Gun Control
    Human Trafficking1103Human Slavery, Prostitution and America's denial of a rising problem
    Legalization of Drugs596149Happy 4/20 (Weed Day)
      Legalizing Marijuana494135Happy 4/20 (Weed Day)
        Medical Marijuana4430Medical Marijuana Sanja Gupta
    Racial Politics1431383White supremacists
      Racism995227White supremacists
    Torture17755Torture as Trump sees it.
Education799126Dutch and educating the voters.
    Abstinence Only Education 4614CDC Announces All Time Low Birth Rate. Teen Pregnancy Is Down 17% from 2007
    Charter Schools13Charter School Lottery
    Head Start Program521The Senate's Budget Vote-a-rama
    Higher Education2715What is missing from Bernie Sanders vocabulary
    Homeschooling41Unschooling... an option that works or doesn't?
    Pell Grants17Pell Grants: Is Obama losing the battle on higher education?
    Sex Education 503condoms and politics
    Teachers3513Stephen Colbert Gives SC Teachers Everything They Asked For
      Teachers Pay13Teacher's Average Pay for Texas
      Teachers Unions144Teacher's Tenure Laws Struck Down by California Judge
Environment1664344Electric cars again.
    Endangered Species04
    Energy697125Electric cars again.
      Energy Independence484regarding "energy independence"
      Fossil Fuels17030TX Gov. George Abbott overturns local fracking ban in Denton
        Fracking3410TX Gov. George Abbott overturns local fracking ban in Denton
        Gasoline Prices527Who Gets Credit???
        Offshore Drilling117Is it worth it?
      Nuclear Energy2130Nuclear situation in Missouri
        Yucca Mountain71Is Yucca Mountain a good idea?
      Renewable Energy39033Electric cars again.
        Biofuels11Upcoming forms of biofuel
        Geothermal Energy10Pros and Cons of Geothermal Energy
        Hydropower30Are we ignoring Hydropower?
        Solar Power28011A solar "wall?
        Wind Power79COAL MINES
    Global Warming678201The Paris Climate Change Agreement
Foreign Policy89362141White supremacists
    International Relations923278G-20 Hamburg Germany Economic Summit
    Military & Defense1732157loonies in charge
      Guantanamo Bay20015Again the issue of closing Guantanamo.
      The Draft690Was ending the draft a mistake?
      Weapons57795loonies in charge
        Combat Drones19711Expendable Lives
        Joint Strike Fighter (F-35)010
          Biological Weapons01
          Chemical Weapons13614warmongering oligarchy
          Nuclear Weapons16035loonies in charge
        Weapons of Mass Destruction29650loonies in charge
    Treaties & Agreements24390Import tariffs
      Kyoto Protocol43Is quota transfer a good idea?
      NAFTA460Import tariffs
      NATO4722Trump calls NATO obsolete
      Nuclear Proliferation2818Trump's proposed nuclear reduction deal with Russia
        Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty72Iran and Nuclear Weapons
        START Treaties62Trump's proposed nuclear reduction deal with Russia
      United Nations62468 years later
    Wars & Conflicts3453864The Afghanistan debacle
      1991 Persian Gulf War21Oil Spills as War Tactics in the Gulf War
      2001 Afghanistan War30848The Afghanistan debacle
        Taliban1088ISIS and Taliban Have Announced Jihad on Each Other
      2003 Iraq War40094The effect of the Middle East crisis
      Darfur Conflict32MSNBC Promo Trivializes Genocide
      Israel vs Palestinians335111Our foreign policies
      North Korea vs South Korea1163War Trump ??
      Somali Civil War12Why is there piracy?
      Sri Lankan Civil War13Sri Lanka investigating itself for human rights violations
      Terrorism1202379Father of dead Navy Seal in botched Yemen raid seeks answers
        Al-Qaeda14255Father of dead Navy Seal in botched Yemen raid seeks answers
        Hezbollah90The Syrian Uprising & Bashar al-Assad
        Islamic State (ISIS)669197Time is up. ISIS under control ?
          Joseph Kony00
        Lord's Resistance Army00
        Pakistani Taliban1816Pakistani Taliban Attack Military School, Killing At Least 135 Children
Health & Welfare1719442Let's talk about Trumpcare
    Government Benefits856382War tools
      Disability Benefits05
      FHA Loans00
      Food Stamp Program8523War tools
      Government Health Benefits333184Entitlement programs.
        Children's Health Insurance Progra...1921The "Poverty Threshold" for Obamacare
          Medicaid64112Medicaid and Annuity
          Medicare13955Paul Ryan wants to get rid of Medicare
        Medicare & Medicaid333174Entitlement programs.
      Student Loans2833NINJA Student loans for college. 1.2 Trillion Dollar Scam ???
      Housing Assistance520America what happens to your tax payer HUD dollars?
        Public Housing02
        Section 8 Housing019
      Social Security38249Entitlement programs.
      Unemployment Benefits7829Unemployment Birthers See New Conspiracy
      Veterans Benefits1625the G.I. bill - a lesson from the past
        GI Bill96the G.I. bill - a lesson from the past
      Welfare Program3229Welfare, created to be a monster by compromise.
Laws & Crime2320521Presidential Pardoning Powers
    Campaign Finance Reform5325107 million
    Capital Punishment6927My Expectations this year
    Hate Crimes11112the KKK
    Pardons64Presidential Pardoning Powers
    Police Abuse1294254Polizei Brutality
      Police Brutality1182217Polizei Brutality
    Prisons17935Is Sanders promise to reduce incarcerations doable?
      Mandatory Minimum Sentences01
      Three Strikes Laws00
    Tort Reform11Tort Reform is Putting the Seventh Amendment Under Siege
Religion6554268The Evangelical Trump cabinet
    Faith Based Initiatives445Cardinal Dolan's empty threat
    Intelligent Design11519Proof of Intelligent Design
    School Prayer113Illinois Moment of Silence to return
    Separation of Church & State42351Is there such a thing as a "Christian Caliphate?"
Science & Technology1280180The rise of the Flat Earth movement in Colorado
    Genetically Engineered Foods74March Against Monsanto
    High Speed Rail105Inouye secures $1.5 billion for high speed rail project
    Internet Neutrality1536Net Neutrality still in danger
    Scientific Discoveries817Dinosaur with one finger
    Stem Cell Research72New source for STEM CELLS -- for important research.