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07/24/14Why the University of Phoenix’s Favorite Congressman Killed the GI College Aid Billthedailybeast.comGI Bill, Student Loans & John Kline
Legislation designed to prevent for-profit colleges from gaming the federal aid system and exploiting veterans died within 15 minutes of being introduced earlier this month. U.S. Rep. John Kline of Minnesota, the Republican chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, quashed the bill by ruling it nongermane to the topic of financial aid being discussed at his July 10 hearing.
06/11/14Senate Republicans Block Student Loan Billhosted.ap.orgStudent Loans & 113th Senate Republicans
Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked legislation aimed at letting people refinance their student loans at lower rates, a pre-ordained outcome that gave Democrats a fresh election-year talking point against the GOP. The 56-38 vote fell short of the 60 that would have been needed to advance to debate on the measure by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Her bill would have let millions of borrowers, some with years-old debt and interest rates topping 7 percent or more, refinance at today's lower rates.
06/04/14What went wrong at the VA?vox.comVeterans Benefits, Eric Shinseki & Departmen...
The Department of Veterans Affairs is embroiled in a scandal over massive wait times in its health-care system, particularly at one hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. The scandal is a really big deal: it led to the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.
05/30/14GOP ‘Runs Out the Clock’ on Unemployment Insurancethefiscaltimes.comUnemployment Benefits & Republican Party
Advocates for the long-term unemployed are furious that Congress is set to leave town on another recess without acting to assist the long-term jobless.
05/29/14Stocks edge higher after unemployment claims fallusnews.comUnemployment Benefits
Stocks are edging higher in midday trading as traders look over some mixed news on the U.S. economy.
05/29/14Why Unemployment Insurance Won’t Be a Campaign Issuethefiscaltimes.comUnemployment Benefits
Democrats on Capitol Hill pounded Republicans for blocking an extension of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program this spring, but it’s a subject that most political analysts expect will receive little attention on the campaign trail.
05/28/14President Obama’s plan for rating colleges is promising, because college presidents hate it.slate.comStudent Loans, Pell Grants & Colleges and Un...
Barack Obama’s plan for a universal rating system for America’s colleges and universities, announced last year and the subject of a New York Times front-pager this week, is bad news, say the nation’s college presidents. Given many college presidents’ lack of regard for the students they ostensibly serve, is it any wonder that I think it might actually be a good idea? The proposal as it currently stands—in its “version 1.0,” according to White House official Cecelia Muñoz—is tremendously flawed, but most of its flaws have f...
05/28/14Proposed rule would hurt poor students, for-profit U.S. colleges sayreuters.comStudent Loans, Obama Administration & Poor
Nearly half of students attending for-profit colleges in the United States could lose federal aid if the Obamaadministration implements a new rule on public disclosure of the schools' performance and earnings, according to a report prepared for the colleges and released on Tuesday.
05/21/14Sallie Mae Torments Faithful Student Borrowers After Co-Signers Diehuffingtonpost.comStudent Loans
Seven borrowers who had been paying their Sallie Mae student loans on time for years were unexpectedly threatened with asset seizures after a Sallie Mae contractor demanded they immediately repay tens of thousands of dollars simply because a family member had died.
05/20/14On jobless benefits, 'I'm worried'msnbc.comUnemployment Benefits
It's been 6 months since since Republicans cut off jobless aid for 1.3 million people. It's been 2 months since the Senate passed a solution. Where's the House?
05/09/14Dems plan to use Elizabeth Warren's student loan bill against the GOP in Novembermotherjones.comStudent Loans, Elizabeth Warren & 113th Cong...
Democrats plan to use a student loan bill introduced Tuesday by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as a wedge issue in the 2014 midterm elections, forcing Republican candidates to either support it or explain why they don't. Dem strategists think Warren's legislation—which would lower interest rates on most federal student loans below 4 percent, reducing millions of Americans' bills by hundreds or thousands of dollars a year—could help turn out young people, who tend to vote for Democrats. Fifty-seven percent of Americans ages...
05/02/14Potentially Preventable Deaths from the Five Leading Causes of Death — United States, 2008–...cdc.govHealth & Welfare & Centers for Disease Contr...
In 2010, the top five causes of death in the United States were 1) diseases of the heart, 2) cancer, 3) chronic lower respiratory diseases, 4) cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), and 5) unintentional injuries (1). The rates of death from each cause vary greatly across the 50 states and the District of Columbia (2). An understanding of state differences in death rates for the leading causes might help state health officials establish disease prevention goals, priorities, and strategies. States with lower death rates can be us...
04/22/14Catch on student loans: If co-signer dies, pay upusatoday.comStudent Loans
Most borrowers who get privately issued student loans need a co-signer, and could face lender demands for full repayment if the co-signer dies or files for bankruptcy, a new federal report says Tuesday.
04/22/14Why disability insurance is criticalthonline.comDisability Benefits
Most people understand why having life insurance is a good idea: Nobody wants to leave their survivors in a financial lurch if they were to die suddenly. But what if you suffer an accident or illness and don’t die, but rather, become severely disabled? Could you or your family make ends meet without your paycheck, possibly for decades?
04/21/14Calling out Social Security for its awful inequitiespbs.orgSocial Security & Disability Benefits
As many of you who have been following my weekly Social Security column know, I’m absolutely outraged that we have a basic retirement system so complicated that no one can remotely understand it without years of study. This means that we Americans are flying blind when it comes to preparing for our retirement, with many of us over-assessing what the system will pay and others under-assessing what we’ll get. This produces under saving or over saving, neither of which is part of Social Security’s mandate. And it’s not just th...
04/18/14Profiteering off the GI Billamerica.aljazeera.comGI Bill, Student Loans & World War 2
The GI Bill, passed in 1944, has played an important role in building the American middle class by giving millions of veterans a chance to attend college. It is a hallowed reminder of policymaking that promotes the public good. But in its most recent incarnation, this piece of legislation has been vulnerable to the abuses of the for-profit education industry: Since the 2008 passage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, for-profit colleges have increasingly recognized that federal funds for returning servicemen and -women create a vast...
04/18/14Senior Living: Mike Barbour helping veterans get benefitsnapervillesun.suntimes.comVeterans Benefits, Illinois & Veterans
One of the ladies I sometimes sit with at church had been struggling to take care of her senior husband, who is a veteran. She recently mentioned that she called the Veterans Administration and was amazed at the support services available to her.
04/17/14Legislation improving benefits for Veterans gets Placer County Supervisor supportplacercountyonline.comVeterans Benefits & California
Placer County is exemplary when it comes to honoring the men and women who have served their nation as members of the armed forces. One of the activities that the county tenaciously addresses is guiding veterans through the complex Veterans Administration benefits process. Through the diligent work of the County’s Veterans Service Office (VSO), more veterans are receiving more benefits than ever before.
04/17/14U.S. jobless claims, factory data give economy some shinereuters.comUnemployment Benefits & Unemployment Rate
New applications for unemployment benefits held near their pre-recession levels last week and factory activity in the Mid-Atlantic region accelerated in April, painting a bright picture of the economy. The economy is regaining its footing after a brutally cold winter and is back on track for faster growth later this year.
04/16/14Why Americans’ trillion-dollar college debt burden is still risingamerica.aljazeera.comStudent Loans
Americans needing federally subsidized student loans for undergraduate or graduate programs at colleges and universities will pay a higher interest rate in the coming academic year, according to new projections from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). And the cost of borrowing money to finance a college education will continue to rise in the coming years as a result of a bipartisan deal on Capitol Hill — despite President Barack Obama’s 2012 pledge to fight against raising the debt burden on graduates. The cost of col...

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