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04/22/14Why disability insurance is criticalthonline.comDisability Benefits
Most people understand why having life insurance is a good idea: Nobody wants to leave their survivors in a financial lurch if they were to die suddenly. But what if you suffer an accident or illness and don’t die, but rather, become severely disabled? Could you or your family make ends meet without your paycheck, possibly for decades?
04/21/14Calling out Social Security for its awful inequitiespbs.orgSocial Security & Disability Benefits
As many of you who have been following my weekly Social Security column know, I’m absolutely outraged that we have a basic retirement system so complicated that no one can remotely understand it without years of study. This means that we Americans are flying blind when it comes to preparing for our retirement, with many of us over-assessing what the system will pay and others under-assessing what we’ll get. This produces under saving or over saving, neither of which is part of Social Security’s mandate. And it’s not just th...
04/18/14Senior Living: Mike Barbour helping veterans get benefitsnapervillesun.suntimes.comVeterans Benefits, Illinois & Veterans
One of the ladies I sometimes sit with at church had been struggling to take care of her senior husband, who is a veteran. She recently mentioned that she called the Veterans Administration and was amazed at the support services available to her.
04/17/14Legislation improving benefits for Veterans gets Placer County Supervisor supportplacercountyonline.comVeterans Benefits & California
Placer County is exemplary when it comes to honoring the men and women who have served their nation as members of the armed forces. One of the activities that the county tenaciously addresses is guiding veterans through the complex Veterans Administration benefits process. Through the diligent work of the County’s Veterans Service Office (VSO), more veterans are receiving more benefits than ever before.
04/17/14U.S. jobless claims, factory data give economy some shinereuters.comUnemployment Benefits & Unemployment Rate
New applications for unemployment benefits held near their pre-recession levels last week and factory activity in the Mid-Atlantic region accelerated in April, painting a bright picture of the economy. The economy is regaining its footing after a brutally cold winter and is back on track for faster growth later this year.
04/16/14Why Americans’ trillion-dollar college debt burden is still risingamerica.aljazeera.comStudent Loans
Americans needing federally subsidized student loans for undergraduate or graduate programs at colleges and universities will pay a higher interest rate in the coming academic year, according to new projections from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). And the cost of borrowing money to finance a college education will continue to rise in the coming years as a result of a bipartisan deal on Capitol Hill — despite President Barack Obama’s 2012 pledge to fight against raising the debt burden on graduates. The cost of col...
04/16/14Student loan profits: The government makes its money off grad students.slate.comStudent Loans, Elizabeth Warren & Congressio...
This week, the Congressional Budget Office projected that the federal government would earn roughly $127 billion from student lending during the next 10 years. That estimate is down a bit from previous figures but is surely high enough to infuriate liberals like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who tend to regard the idea of a profitable student loan program as fundamentally indecent.
04/16/14Sallie Mae Cheated Soldiers On Federal Student Loans, Government Investigators Findhuffingtonpost.comStudent Loans, Military & Defense & U.S. Mil...
Federal investigators have uncovered evidence that Sallie Mae cheated active-duty soldiers on federal student loans, according to people familiar with the matter. The findings, if eventually made public as part of a lawsuit or settlement agreement, may threaten Sallie Mae's lucrative contract with the U.S. Department of Education to collect payments on federal student loans. The department's contract requires loan servicers comply with all federal laws when handling federal student loans.
04/15/14Supply, Demand, and Unemployment Benefitskrugman.blogs.nytimes.comUnemployment Benefits & Business & Economy
Ben Casselman points out that we’ve had a sort of natural experiment in the alleged effects of unemployment benefits in reducing employment. Extended benefits were cancelled at the beginning of this year; have the long-term unemployed shown any tendency to find jobs faster? And the answer is no. Let me parse this a bit more, and ask, how was it, exactly, that reduced benefits were supposed to encourage employment in the first place?
04/14/14In Las Vegas, Heller hears veterans’ complaints about disability benefits backlogreviewjournal.comVeterans Benefits, Dean Heller & Nevada
U.S. Sen. Dean Heller on Monday heard complaints from veterans about the backlog of disability benefits requests that have former members of the military waiting months and even years for a check.
04/14/14Older veterans may be eligible for various benefitschron.comVeterans Benefits, Houston & Veterans
Irene Cain, social work program manager in extended care at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center, is fielding more calls, seeing more veterans and handling more cases as veterans from past wars reach their later years. As the number of senior veterans increases, the VA is adding more and diverse programs of care in Houston, at the VA Medical Center and through contracts with local senior caregivers.
04/14/14Senate passes proposed amendment on student loansktoo.orgStudent Loans & Alaska
The Alaska Senate has passed a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at helping lower the cost of student loans. The vote was 19-1, with Sen. Bert Stedman voting against. SJR23, from Sen. Anna Fairclough, proposes a change to the state constitution to allow for authorization of state general obligation debt for funding student loans.
04/14/14States, Federal Agencies Have Filed Suit Against For-profit Collegespewstates.orgStudent Loans & Colleges and Universities
When Murray Hastie returned to New York in January 2006 after two tours of duty in Iraq, he hoped to use the GI Bill to complete his college education. Denied admission to two state colleges, Hastie came upon DeVry University. The day after he filled out an online request for information, a representative from the for-profit university visited him at his home and encouraged him to enroll in a biomedical informatics program in New Jersey.
04/14/14Student Loan Safety Nets: Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Income-Based Repaymentbrookings.eduStudent Loans & Brookings Institution
The plight of underemployed college graduates struggling to make their student loan payments has received a great deal of media attention throughout the recent economic recession. The primary safety net available to borrowers of federal loans facing unaffordable monthly payments is income-based repayment, in which borrowers make monthly payments based on their earnings rather than a traditional schedule of flat payments.
04/13/14Elizabeth Warren blasts government profits on student loans, quibbles with White House prop...bostonglobe.comStudent Loans, Elizabeth Warren & Financial...
US Senator Elizabeth Warren blasted government profits on student loans in a speech at Suffolk University’s Law School on Saturday, firing up a crowd of law students, education researchers, and financial specialists. “This exploding debt is crushing our young people,” Warren, a Democrat, said in her speech to attendees of a two-day student loan symposium. “These students didn’t go to the mall and run up a bunch of charges on credit cards. They worked hard to learn new skills that will benefit this country. . . . They des...
04/10/14Warner provides keynote address at Veterans Benefits Clinic Conferencewm.eduVeterans Benefits, Mark Warner & College of...
“The time for action is now” when it comes to helping veterans. That was the driving theme behind U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner’s keynote address at William & Mary Law School’s “National Conference on Law Clinics Serving Veterans” on Thursday, April 3.
04/09/14Invisible Social Security Cuts: Now You See Them, Now You Don'thuffingtonpost.comSocial Security
The unseen hand of antigovernment ideology can be found everywhere nowadays -- even in your mailbox. The proof is in what you won't find there, like your annual statement of earned Social Security benefits. The government stopped mailing those out in 2011. It's also getting a lot harder to find Social Security field offices, or even to find someone to pick up the phone, as the Social Security Administration enters into yet more rounds of steep budget cuts.
04/07/145 Ways to Boost Your Social Security Paymentsdailyfinance.comSocial Security
One of the most important retirement decisions you will make is when to sign up for Social Security. The age you first claim benefits can have a dramatic impact on the size of your monthly payments in retirement. Here are five great ways to make the most of your Social Security benefit:
04/04/14Why is use of disability benefits so erratic by county?washingtonpost.comDisability Benefits
Virginians love and hate disability benefits, depending on which county you’re in. The state is simultaneously home to counties with some of the nation’s lowest and highest rates of disability benefit use. Five of the 10 counties with the highest rates are in Virginia, as are four of the 10 counties with the lowest rates. The state is an extreme example, but it’s emblematic of a nationwide pattern: use of disability benefits varies widely even in small areas.
04/04/14Medicaid, CHIP enrollment soars in Februaryusatoday.comMedicaid & Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Nearly 3 million people enrolled in Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program in February, an increase probably spurred by the Affordable Care Act deadline of March 31 and improvements in state and federal insurance exchanges. Figures released Friday morning by the Obama administration show that from Oct. 1 through the end of February, 11.7 million people were determined eligible for the Medicaid and CHIP programs.

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