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Glenn BeckBeck speaking at the 2010 Restoring Honor rallyBy: Luke X. Martin

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2014 MAYGlen Beck Mocks Sexual Assault Victims With Rape SkitRadical AgendaGlenn Beck, Rape Victims & Students
08/01/10Oakland Shooter Inspired by Glen Beck RantsRight-wing TerrorismGlenn Beck & California

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1994DivorceGlenn Beck and first wife divorced after 11 years of marriage

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04/25/14Glenn BeckLibertyGlenn Beck
Beck had a dream in 2011 where God told him he was coming back and settling scores in the Middle East.
“You tell them I am coming and I will settle scores.”
04/09/14Glenn BeckGlenn Beck Radio ProgramGlenn Beck
Beck calls Holder psychotic for zinging Rep. Gohmert over his asparagus comment in a recent hearing.
“He [Holder] has waited a year. That is psychotic… Holder is a very bad guy and he’s out of control.”
01/21/14Glenn BeckAmerica Live with Megyn KellyGlenn Beck
Glen Beck told Megyn Kelly that he regretted playing a role in tearing the country apart with his divisive tactics.
“I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart and it's not who we are.”
06/26/13Glenn BeckGlenn Beck Radio ProgramGlenn Beck
Beck thinks that the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA is going to force people to deny the Bible
You are about to lose your right to have your church say i'm not going to marry homosexual couples... and what they are going to ask you to do is to deny the Bible.
06/26/13Glenn BeckGlenn Beck Radio ProgramGlenn Beck
Beck thinks gay marriage will lead to bigamy after SCOTUS' DOMA ruling
“Who are you to say that, if I’m a devout Muslim, I come over here and I have three wives, who are you to say if I’m an American citizen that I can’t have multiple wives?”
06/06/13Glenn BeckGlenn Beck Radio ProgramGlenn Beck
Glen Beck accused the First Lady of being a monster and a frightening woman after she addressed a heckler that interrupted a speech she was giving.
So this woman [Michelle Obama] is a monster. She is Lady Macbeth. She is a frightening woman.
05/17/13Glenn BeckGlenn Beck Radio ProgramGlenn Beck
Beck says that the NAACP is an affront to the civil rights movement and that the KKK lynched white people who were much like the Tea Party.
They are a joke, and an affront to everything that Martin Luther King and anybody who ever... Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, you are an affront to their memory... You know what, I contend the white people that were lynched are exactly the kind of people that would be in the Tea Party today,
05/16/13Glenn BeckGlenn Beck Radio ProgramGlenn Beck
While discussing some of his issues with the NAACP and the Obama Administration, Glenn Beck claimed that twenty percent of the lynchings that happened in the south during segregation were that of white individuals. He then went on to claim that those would be the exact people that would be in the Tea Party in this day and age.
Martin Luther King (Jr.) marched with an awful lot of white people. I mean I hate to keep bringing this up, but twenty percent of the lynchings in the south, twenty percent of the lynchings by the KKK were of white people. White people. And you know what, I contend the white people that were lynched are exactly the kind of people that would be in the Tea Party today.

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