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  • It must be extremely difficult and depressing to be a cabinet secretary in the Trump administration. Not only do you have to defend the indefensible in your day-to-day activities, but you also have to be hauled into a cabinet meeting and heap praise on your boss in order to help feed his ego and keep your job.This is the world we now live in.
  • “We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore…. And I’m going to say ‘I’m sorry, but we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning, we’re going to make America great again.
  • The world renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir (MoTab) is under attack by one of their own. Jan Chamberlin, a five-year veteran of the choir has resigned in protest because her church accepted an invitation by Donald Trump for the choir to sing at his inauguration. Participation by choir members is voluntary. Chamberlin could have just opted out, and no one would have noticed.
  • Four seats if Secretary Clinton wins the White House or five seats if she doesn't. That's the magic number Democrats need in order to retake control of the Senate next January and eight states will determine whether or not that happens.Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Nevada.
  • Would you want your daughter to be the subject of "locker room" talk if that talk was about sexually assaulting women? Donald Trump wants to be President of the United States and the President is a role model for young children.
  • Alec Baldwin debuted his inner Donald Trump in a way only he could during Saturday Night Live's season opener and he did not disappoint. He, along with Kate McKinnon playing the par of Hillary Clinton, relived the first Presidential Debate that showed nearly 100 million viewers that Donald Trump is, in fact, a man baby. (Credit to Jon Stewart for coming up with that description.
  • Sometimes we forget. Like the studs in the walls of our homes, what supports our way of life, for the most part, goes unnoticed. We hear politicians use the word “freedom” as many times as they say “and” these days, but not many focus on one of the most important words of all, liberty.
  • President Obama has had more than his fair share of zingers directed at the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee throughout the years and his speech at the Democratic National Convention was no different. Donald Trump may have won the nomination, but there is no chance of him ever winning a fight against President Obama."Comb Over Here!"

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  • Donald Trump called Ukraine by the wrong name and one that Ukrainians immensely dislike during a meeting with President Petro Poroshenko. Trump stated that it was a "great honor to be with President Poroshenko of the Ukraine." Ukrainians dislike when people say "the" before Ukraine because of its geopolitical implications and the country's history of being a USSR satellite state during the Cold War.
  • Donald Trump bragged about the Panama Canal "doing quite well" during a meeting with the country's President. Trump talked about how well the Panama Canal was built, but left out the fact that it was built over 100 years ago and that the country of Panama has fully controlled the canal since December 31, 1999.
  • White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer forced the press to turn off all audio and video devices before holding the daily press briefing and instead only allowed them to write down everything on paper.
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigative team is investigating Donald Trump for potentially obstructing justice once he fired former FBI Director James Comey. Mueller's team will be interviewing Daniel Coats, the current director of national intelligence, Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency, and Rogers’s recently departed deputy, Richard Ledgett to help determine if Trump interfered in Comey's FBI investigation and whether he obstructed justice if he did interfere. Update: Donald Trump confirmed in a early morning tweet that he was under investigation.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose that he had two dinners with a Russian lobbyist during the 2016 Presidential campaign while under oath. When asked if he had any “any contacts with any representative, including any American lobbyist or agent of any Russian company” during the 2016 campaign he responded "I don't believe so" and didn't disclose the two dinners with Richard Burt, a former U.S. ambassador to Germany who now lobbies for a pipeline company owned by the Russian government.
  • Donald Trump seemed to confirm that he was under investigation for obstruction of justice during an early morning tweet storm lambasting the FBI investigation into his 2016 campaign and its potential dealings with the Russian government. Trump tweeted: "They [the FBI] made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. Nice"
  • Donald Trump blocked, a major national veterans group that has roughly 500,000 members, from his Twitter page after they questioned one of his tweets attacking the media. The group was responding to a tweet from Trump where he said "Fake News Media has never been so wrong or so dirty" and accused journalists of using "phony sources to meet their agenda of hate" and retorted with "You're describing your road to the White House to a T" and accusing the president of "colluding with an adversary of the United States." Trump blocked the group mere minutes later.
  • Donald Trump accused former FBI Director James Comey of lying under oath, which is a felony. Trump tweeted ""Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication...and WOW, Comey is a leaker!" However, Trump did not say what, exactly, Comey supposedly lied about.
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