Divorces & Affairs List

06/13/13Rupert MurdochConservative Media ExecutiveDivorceCiting irretrievable differences, Rupert Murdoch filed for divorce from Wendi Deng, his wife since 1999.
08/01/11Pete SessionsU.S. Representative [R-TX]DivorcePete Sessions and his wife divorce.
05/17/11Arnold SchwarzeneggerFormer Governor [R-CA]InfidelitySchwarzenegger fathered a child with longtime member of household staff
05/09/11Arnold SchwarzeneggerFormer Governor [R-CA]InfidelityArnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separated due to multiple infidelities
04/21/11Mary Bono MackFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceMary Bono-Mack divorced her husband in 2005
05/18/10Mark SouderFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityHad an affair with a married staffer
02/26/10Mark SanfordU.S. Representative [R-SC]DivorceMark Sanford's wife divorces him after affair.
02/01/10Benny HinnReligious RightDivorceHinn and his with divorced
2010 JANJim GibbonsFormer Governor [R-NV]DivorceJim Gibbons and his wife are divorced in 2010
2009Lynn JenkinsU.S. Representative [R-KS]DivorceLynn Jenkins was divorced in 2009.
2009Mark KirkU.S. Senator [R-IL]DivorceMark Kirk was divorced in 2009 after 8 years of marriage
12/29/09Karl RoveConservative CommentatorDivorceKarl Rove divorced his wife of 24 years.
2008Chip PickeringFormer Republican PoliticianInfidelityPickering had an affair while in office at the C Street/Fellowship house.
05/17/08Scott MuschanyFormer PoliticianInfidelityMuschany admitted to a 2 year long extramarital affair
01/01/08John BarrassoU.S. Senator [R-WY]Divorce He is divorced from Linda Nix. On January 1, 2008, he married Bobbi Brown of Casper, Wyoming.
2007Pamela GellerConservative WriterDivorcePamela Geller and Michael Oshry divorced in 2007
2007 DECJohn EnsignFormer U.S. Senator [R-NV]InfidelityJohn Ensign admits to having an affair with a campaign staffer.
2006Connie MackFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceDivorced in 2006
2006Megyn KellyConservative TV HostDivorceMegyn Kelly and Daniel Kendall divorce in 2006
12/21/04Rush LimbaughConservative Radio HostDivorceLimbaugh divorced from Marta Fitzgerald
2004 AUGVito FossellaFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityVito Fossella admits to fathering a child in an extramarital affair
2003Roy AshburnFormer State SenatorDivorceArrest fallout: Fellow politician says Ashburn lives 'secret life'
2003Steven LaTouretteFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelitySteven LaTourette cheated on his wife with a lobbyist, then asked her for a divorce over the phone.
2003Steven LaTouretteFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceDivorced his wife over the phone.
2002Roy BluntU.S. Senator [R-MO]DivorceRoy Blunt divorced his wife in 2002 after 35 years of marriage
2002Joe WalshFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceLaura Walsh and Joe Walsh divorced in 2002
2002 JULRudy GiulianiFormer Mayor ofDivorceRudy Giuliani divorces his second wife Donna Hanover
2001Scott DesJarlaisU.S. Representative [R-TN]InfidelityDesJarlais had an affair with a women then convinced her to have an abortion.
2000David VitterU.S. Senator [R-LA]InfidelityVitter used a prostitution service multiple times in 2000-2001
2000 APRNewt GingrichFormer Speaker of the HouseDivorceNewt Gingrich and Marianne Ginther finalize divorce
1999Joe ScarboroughConservative TV HostDivorceJoe Scarborough and Melanie Hinton got divorced
05/01/99Rudy GiulianiFormer Mayor ofInfidelityRudy Giuliani had a long affair with Judith Nathan and eventually left his wife to marry her
1998 DECMary FallinGovernor [R-OK]DivorceMary Fallin was divorced in 1998
1997Linda LingleFormer Governor [R-HI]DivorceLinda Lingle divorces second husband, William Crockett
1994Ken BuckU.S. Representative [R-CO]DivorceKen Buck and his wife divorce in 1994
1994Thomas FoleyPolitical Candidate [R-CT]DivorceTom Foley's first marriage ended in divorce
1994Glenn BeckConservative Radio HostDivorceGlenn Beck and first wife divorced after 11 years of marriage
1994kit bondFormer U.S. Senator [R-MO]DivorceIn 1994, Bond's wife, Carolyn, filed for a divorce, which was finalized the following year.
1993Ken CalvertU.S. Representative [R-CA]InfidelityArrested for receiving oral sex from a prostitute
1993Ken CalvertU.S. Representative [R-CA]DivorceDivorced from his wife after 15 years of marriage.
1993Shepard SmithConservative TV HostDivorceShepard Smith and Virginia Donald divorced in 1993 with no children after 6 years of marriage
1993Joe BartonU.S. Representative [R-TX]InfidelityBarton cheated on his wife in 1993
1993Joe BartonU.S. Representative [R-TX]DivorceJoe Barton and his first wife divorced in 1993
1993Curtis ColemanFormer PoliticianDivorceCurtis Coleman was divorced in 1993
1993Mitch DanielsFormer Governor [R-IN]DivorceDivorced in 1993
1993Mitch McConnellSenate Republican LeaderDivorceMitch divorced his first wife
1993 NOVNewt GingrichFormer Speaker of the HouseInfidelityNewt Gingrich and Callista Bisek have affair
1990Rush LimbaughConservative Radio HostDivorceLimbaugh divorced Michelle Sixta for "personal reasons"
1987George WillConservative JournalistDivorceGeorge Will gets kicked out of his house and divorced
1986 NOVBob BarrFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceBob Barr divorces Gail Barr
1985Bill YoungFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceBill Young Divorced his wife
1985 JUNBob BarrFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityBob Barr has affair on his first wife, Gail, with soon-to-be second wife, Jeri
1984Carly FiorinaPolitical Candidate [R-CA]DivorceFiorina (then Cara Carleton Sneed) married Todd Bartlem, a Stanford classmate, in June 1977. They divorced in 1984.
1983Dan BurtonFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityDan Burton had an affair in 1983 that produced a child.
1982Rudy GiulianiFormer Mayor ofInfidelityRudy Giuliani dated his soon to be second wife before his first divorce finalized
08/12/82Rudy GiulianiFormer Mayor ofDivorceRudy Giuliani divorced his first wife Regina Peruggi
1981Lou DobbsConservative TV HostDivorceLou Dobbs divorced his high school sweetheart in 1981
1981 FEBNewt GingrichFormer Speaker of the HouseDivorceNewt Gingrich divorced Jackie Battley
1980Charlie CristPolitical Candidate [D-FL]DivorceCharlie Christ Divorces his wife
1980John KasichGovernor [R-OH]DivorceDivorced his wife in 1980
07/10/80Rush LimbaughConservative Radio HostDivorceLimbaugh divorced from Roxy Maxine McNeely due to "incompatibility"
1980 APRJohn McCainU.S. Senator [R-AZ]DivorceJohn McCain was divorced from Carol Shepp in 1980
1980 APRNewt GingrichFormer Speaker of the HouseInfidelityNewt Gingrich had affair on first wife with Marianne Ginther.
1979John McCainU.S. Senator [R-AZ]InfidelityJohn McCain began dating his second wife in 1979 while he was still married to Carol Shepp
1977Dr. Laura SchlessingerConservative Radio HostDivorceLaura and Rudolph Schlessinger divorced in 1977
1976Bob BarrFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceBob Barr divorced his first wife
1975Linda LingleFormer Governor [R-HI]DivorceLinda Lingle divorces Charles Lingle
1975John HageeReligious RightDivorceDivorced from his wife
1973Sue MyrickFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityConfesses to having a relationship with her husband while he was still married to his previous wife
1972Buddy RoemerFormer Governor [R-LA]DivorceDivorces his wife,Frances Demler
1972Paul LePageGovernor [R-ME]DivorceMarried in 1972 then divorced.
1969Kay Bailey HutchisonFormer U.S. Senator [R-TX]DivorceKay Bailey Hutchison divorced her first husband in 1969
1964Michael SavageConservative Radio HostDivorceMichael Savage divorced his first wife Carol Ely after 3 years