Trump Is making real difference in the life of millions

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Believe me or not, but this is the truth that now US President Donald Trump is making real change in the life of millions, who have been leading life in the war zone. The whole world led by the United States has chosen this region for war on terror as terror was present in this region. Actually the main reason of terror in this region is the rampant corruption of rulers.

This is the truth that rulers of Pakistan are corrupt to the core and they have been using the name of Islam for spreading terror in the world though Islam is the religion of peace. Donald Trump was right when he twitted that the US has been providing billions of dollars to Pakistan for elimination of terrorism, but unfortunately that money has been used for the promotion of terrorism as Pakistan is still the breeding ground for terrorism.

According to a prominent writer of Pakistan Nadeem F. Paracha, ever since the demise of General Zia in 1988, and the end of his dictatorship — which has often been blamed for unleashing the genie of religious extremism in Pakistan — many post-Zia governments, as well as the military establishment, have attempted to put the genie back in the bottle. But it’s been a long, hard slog.

For this purpose, the government and state institutions have tried to work around various awkward constitutional amendments that were put in place between the mid-1970s and early 1990s, in the name of Islam. These amendments have made it tough for the state and various Pakistani governments to free the federation from traps that their reformist attempts keep falling into.

This is due to the fact that not only are the government and state now trying to reverse what they had introduced themselves, but also because the constitutional amendments in this context have become tools in the hands of various opportunistic politicians and religious outfits. They can (and often do) easily move the courts (or worse, whip up populist sentiments) against any attempt to expunge these thorny constitutional tracts.

Then, of course, there are tussles within the state and government institutions over this issue, for within these institutions are still those who do not hesitate to use the controversial constitutional conditions for the same reason that a political party or a religious outfit would.

But one thing is for sure. A major chunk of conventional political parties and the state have become more than conscious of the need to somehow push through various changes in the country’s constitution to overcome acts of violence and bigotry that many believe are actually encouraged by certain constitutional clauses.

On most occasions, whenever a government or the state has stressed the importance of making a change, they have used the pretext that Pakistan’s majority faith and Pakistanis in general are inherently moderate and that religious extremism in this country is an anomaly that has been allowed to mutate and spread its tentacles.

Yet, there is no widespread consensus on what being ‘moderate’ encapsulates. Various thoughts and concepts have been put forward to define it, using hefty tracts of Muslim scholars such as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Allama Iqbal and the speeches of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. However, considering the context and dilemma which Pakistan finds itself in today, I believe one of the most interesting examples in this regard lies before the creation of Pakistan.

A little less than a century before Pakistan’s birth in 1947, ulema representing India’s demoralised Muslim minority were greatly angered by the reformist appeals of scholars such as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Syed Ameer Ali. Ali and Khan advocated a radical break from what they termed was a “fossilised past” which was impeding the intellectual, political and economic growth of the Muslims in an “epoch of modernity.” In 1879, Khan’s increasingly influential ideology was given a more poetic shape by Altaf Hussain Hali in his long poem Mussadas-i-Hali. This poem completely wrangled with conservative thought.

Now US President Donald is bringing a real change as he is true in his words. The time is not far away when there will be peace and happiness all over the world.

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