Andrew Cuomo

Democratic Governor of New York

Andrew Cuomo - Democratic Governor of New York

Andrew CuomoMTA Chairman and CEO Thomas Prendergast was joined by New York Governor Andrew M. CuomoBy: Metropolitan Transportation Au

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Cuomo is putting out fires all over the stateZach F
Feb 26 2012 1:14 AM
Zach F
Feb 26 2012 1:14 AM
0672 Seems like, in addition to dealing with pension issues in the state, seems like Cuomo also has found the time to settle Time Warner and the MSG network, so that New Yorkers can watch the Knicks and that new Jeremy Lin guy!

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Waving The White Flag Won't Win You This Election, Mr. FoleysbfriedmanOct 28, 2014032704
"Sometimes I can't believe the things you say, Tom. So let's talk about the specifics." That was a response by current Governor Dannel Malloy to his running mate (R) Tom Foley, during their CBA debate to decide the next governor for Connecticut. And I think that line sums up well the feel of this gubernatorial race. On one side, you have Dannel Malloy, speaking clearly, openly and precisely about the specifics of what he has done for the state of Connecticut, as well as what he intends to do if re-elected for four more years.
State Highway Patrol to Take Over Police Operations in Feguson, MOjaredsxtnAug 14, 201401579
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced that he has ordered the Highway Patrol to take over all security and police operations in the town of Ferguson, Missouri after the local and country police force proved unable to properly handle the ongoing protests over the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager who lived in the town. Brown was shot and killed by a police officer last weekend and the town has been rocked by protests since then. The police response to date has been nothing but horrendous.

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