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  • "A Perceived Conclusion"The reason behind "Fact, fiction and the gray" " Liberty, Freedom and being "ok"" "The crack whore conundrum" and "Annie, get 'chur guns!!!" is to point out that the way we attack every lion in our lives is not based on factual evidence. They are based on some scientific evidence but mostly on our experiences and how we attacked them before.
  • Joe Biden told a crowd at Southern Connecticut State University on Friday that the country can't afford eight years of the current Republican administration."We're in a battle for the soul of this nation," Biden said.If he chooses not to run, Biden said, it will be because there’s a better candidate or he’s not emotionally ready.
  • This is the truth that President of the United States is bringing a real change in the shape of world politics through his truth and this is the reason that now people of tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border are fully supporting him. Actually corrupt rulers of Pakistan are still using the menace of terrorism for earning dollars.
  • Believe me or not, but this is the truth that now US President Donald Trump is making real change in the life of millions, who have been leading life in the war zone. The whole world led by the United States has chosen this region for war on terror as terror was present in this region. Actually the main reason of terror in this region is the rampant corruption of rulers.
  • Lost in the coverage of the Special Counsel's indictments of over a dozen Russian individuals and companies is something Bernie or busters and Jill Stein voters would rather not talk about - Russia knew they were upset that Hillary was the nominee and exploited their anger with fabricated and sensational stories.
  • It didn't take a long for Congress to realize that the 18th amendment was a huge mistake. Officially, prohibition started on January 17, 1920, exactly 98 years ago last Wednesday. It was repealed by the 21st amendment on December 5, 1933.The guy who benefited the most from Prohibition was Al Capone, who was worth as much as $1.
  • Highly recommend this documentary to everyone. It is not a political documentary, it a humanitarian documentary.I shall say upfront I was skeptical about it because I studied film making in college and learned that is so easy to make so-called documentaries that are really just propaganda films.
  • An unarmed black teenager took a box of cigars from a convenience store. He was pulled over by police and tried to run away. He was shot six times and died at the scene.A black 12 year old was playing with a bb gun. Police arrived on the scene and shot him to death seconds later.A suspected drug dealer has his home raided by SWAT teams.

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