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Latest Member Blog Articles

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Sorry Bibi, You Aren't in Charge of America's Foreign PolicyjaredsxtnMar 3, 2015531908
Who exactly is in charge of American foreign policy? President Obama or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Any middle-school aged student would easily be able to answer this, but the Republican Congress seems to think differently. Speaker Boehner's overtly political move of sticking his thumb in the eye of the President of the United States may have scored him some points among his fellow conservatives, but in doing so he may have irreparably damaged a decades long bipartisan relationship between the United States and Israel.Mr.
Silencing Kremlin Critics is Nothing New in Putin's RussiajaredsxtnMar 2, 201513236
Imagine the top opposition leader in America being gunned down by an assassin outside of the United States Capitol building. Then imagine the President assuming control of the inquiry into the assassination of his fiercest critic who just happens to be one in a long line of critics that meets an untimely demise. That would be unfathomable to even think about here in the United States, but this is what has now become the norm in Putin's Russia.The brazen assassination of Putin's most vociferous critic Boris Nemtsov has sent shock waves throughout the world and sparked massive protests both in and outside of Russia.
Playing Chicken With National Security is no Way to GovernjaredsxtnFeb 26, 201543375
When did Republicans become the party willing to play a game of chicken with our national security? In their ceaseless drive to undermine President Obama at every turn, they have now backed themselves into a corner with no easy way to get out. With funding for the Department of Homeland Security set to dry up at midnight Friday, they are now openly entertaining the prospect of shutting the department down unless they get their way. You read that correctly--the party who prides itself on national security might shut down the department responsible for keeping our nation safe unless all of their demands are met.
no pay for congress when they do not do their jobcookiemonsterFeb 24, 20151143
Just wondering if anyone has brought up that maybe Congress should no get paid if other federal employees do not get paid?
From Sergeant York to the American Sniper...the making of legendsSchmidtFeb 22, 201531421
"The first time you shoot someone, you get a little nervous. You think, can I really shoot this guy? Is it really okay? But after you kill your enemy, you see it’s okay. You say, Great. You do it again. And again. You do it so the enemy won’t kill you or your countrymen. You do it until there’s no one left for you to kill. That’s what war is." -- Chris Kyle's Autobiography, The American Sniper, January 2, 2013.The movie, American Sniper, premiered on November 11, 2014, with a limited release on Christmas and a full release on January 16, 2015.
The Politics of Exactitude...when applied to President ObamaSchmidtFeb 4, 201542775
Obama said... Obama promised... Obama lied... Obama should have... Blame Obama... If only Obama would... Obama is a wuss... Obama overshot... I'm so disappointed in Obama... Obama is the lesser of two evils... If you have been following news pundits, their guests, journalists and politicians over the past six years, both those on the left and right, there's a good chance you would have heard or read one or more of those phrases above attached to something President Obama said or did, especially if things didn't quite work out exactly as planned.
Obama's Winning 4th Quarter Game PlanSchmidtJan 21, 201532358
Josh Ernest has referred to Obama's proposed budget and executive actions for his last two years in office as "Obama's 4th Quarter", sidestepping any suggestion that it's more about setting the agenda for the 2016 election. As Super Bowl football fever has hit America, I will keep that football analogy and put my perspective on a winning game plan for America and for how President Obama can finish out the mission that he had started in 2009.
Obama Moves to Cement His Legacy With a Rallying Cry to Lift up the Middle ClassjaredsxtnJan 19, 2015022627
Don't ever think of telling President Obama he is a lame duck. He has too many things he still wants to accomplish before he leaves and beginning the process of lifting up the middle class is at the top of his list. This is not something that he will be able to accomplish himself, or even something that we will be able to accomplish in the next two years, but it is something we can do if we listen to the President and recommit to having a strong and lasting middle class in this country.President Obama will be laying his vision of how we can accomplish this feat when he delivers his annual State of the Union address on January 20th.

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Latest Obama Administration Accomplishments Added

12/17/14Obama Administration negotiates release of 53 political prisoners held in Cuba International Relations
12/17/14United States restores diplomatic relationship with Cuba after 50 year freeze International RelationsBusinesses
12/16/14Abortion coverage extended to Peace Corps volunteers who became pregnant because of rape, incest, and life endangerment Continuing Appropriations Act of 2...Improving Health & Wellness
11/20/14President Obama issues executive order allowing the parents of children who are U.S. citizens or legal residents to continue residing in the United StatesImmigrationBusinesses & Liberals
11/14/14President Obama pledges $3 Billion to global fund assisting poor countries coping with climate changeGlobal WarmingProtecting the Environment
11/12/14China and the United States agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to twenty-five percent by 2030Global WarmingProtecting the Environment
09/05/14Senior Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Godane killed in Somalia by U.S. airstrikeTerrorismCombating Terrorism
2014 SEPBroad Coalition of Middle-Eastern countries conduct military campaign against ISIS inside of SyriaTerrorismCombating Terrorism
07/21/14President Obama signs executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminting against LGBT individualsCivil & Human RightsLGBT
02/19/14International Trade Data System created to streamline small business Export/Import processBusiness & EconomySmall Businesses

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Former NATO chief: Russia testing the West
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On the 50th anniversary of his death, Malcolm X's daughter Ilyasah Shabazz says she hopes her father is "accurately recorded in history." Malcolm X was murdered in Harlem in 1965.
Americans support funding ISIS fight
Americans support funding ISIS fightTuesday, February 17, 2015
John King, Ed O'Keefe and Chris Moody discuss a recent poll which reveals Americans favor funding military force against the Islamic State.

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